Church Mice by Anonymouse

Here is Anonymouse’s latest instalment of hnis and Tiddles enforced exile

Church Mice

Good Morning Mr Mouse,

Come on ~ Wake up sleepy head.

Mr Mouse slowly raised his head off the bed and looked around his familiar home.

Is it Saturday ? he asked.

No It’s Monday Morning and we have to get to your old home before they shut up the doors for the last time.

Tiddles and Mr Mouse had met in an Old church when she was the vestry cat and he was the church mouse.

They will be pulling it down soon and we have to get inside for one last look before they do.

He yawned as he reminisced about his old home being pulled down in the name of modernisation.

We had better get going then Mr Mouse replied .

Soon they were back on familiar territory, the soft shingle pathway with flower beds either side led up to the tall front door.

Shall we go in through the front door or the back.

Any door you like Mr Mouse Tiddles replied. they are all open.

They went in through the back vestry door that led into the Nave.

Soon the soft sound of the church organ and the dulcet tones of the Mouse Choir singing Cheese Uz Joy of Mouse desiring filled their ears.

Mr Mouse loved his old home with its gentle colours and subdued lighting.
The stained glass windows cast shards of gentle coloured light across the church isles.

Can we go up the bell tower please Tiddles?

Of course we can Mr Mouse.

Tiddles walked lightly up the stone staircase that led to the tower and eventually arrived at the roof.

When they got out onto the roof they were greeted by !

“SURPRISE” ! ! everyone called out as Tiddles & Mr Mouse stepped out onto the roof and they were greeted by all there old friends.

They all wore different coloured hats so he recognised them easily.

What are you lot doing here Mr Mouse squeaked.

We thought we would have a reunion party before they pull the old place down.
Tiddles and Mr Mouse were slightly sad at the thought of the old home being reduced to rubble in the name of Modernisation.

I hear they are building a new glass tower.
Yes so I am told.

Don’t you just love the view from here everything in view and easy to see.
The wind was fresh and the view was idyllic with beautiful coloured flower beds below them and the blue sky and clouds above.

Suddenly a plate of cream and jam scones were shared out amongst all the party mice.
Mr Mouse pulled out an amber coloured raisin from a scone with some strawberry jam on it and Tiddles licked some cream from the top.

This is Heaven Mr Mouse squeaked.
Not quite Tiddles meowed ~ But it’s as close as you can get.

Before they left Tiddles climbed up the spire to see a tall glass tower gleaming brightly on the horizon.

That’s what we are getting here soon Tiddles meowed.

The thought that the old church would soon be demolished in the name of progress was the only sad thought of the day.

On the way back they saw a big crane with an iron ball making its way up towards the church.

I will miss all this Mr Mouse squeaked ~ so will I Tiddles meowed but its called progress.

From Tiddles & Mr Mouse