The Church mice part 3

The Church mice part 3 By: anonymouse 30 Aug 11 10:41 Tiddles kept waking up in the night. Her sleep was being disturbed by lorries trundling past her window during the night. She suspected it was the demolition lorries preparing for the morning. When morning came she hurriedly woke up Mr Mouse by giving his face a lick. Stop it Tiddles he squeaked. Come on we have to get down to the church. Oh OK can’t I have some breakfast before we go. No we don’t have time we will worry about food later. They headed off in the direction of the church only stopping to dodge the odd lorry passing by. When they got to the church they could see the huge crane with the iron ball they had seen the previous day. As they got to the church they could hear the choir singing “We shall not be moved” I don’t think they will have much luck, the rulers always have the last word. When they approached the front door it opened and all the mice cried out. “Save us Save us” Please Tiddles Save us they are going to get rid of our home. You must go to the Glass Tower and stop them from evicting us, save us please. Tiddles and Mr Mouse said we will do our best but you know how people can be, they won’t listen. Tiddles and Mr Mouse head off towards the Glass Tower. Hurry please the church mice cried out. Tiddles and Mr Mouse climbed onto a bus and hid under the seat as it headed towards the Glass Tower. It was an ominous looking building. A tall tower like a shard of Glass spiking up into the heavens piercing the clouds. The sunlight shone off it with a brilliance that had to be seen to be believed. When they approached the tower Mr Mouse pulled out the two halves of the sunglasses they had used the days previously. Password the door dog barked. Tiddlemouse they both called out in unison and rushed past the door dog hopping on three legs and holding the half a sun-glass over one of her eyes. The entrance was filled with squinting mice carrying identity numbers and passwords. They were milling round squinting in the brightly lit foyer. White signs with white text adorned the entrance but none of the mice could read them. Which way shall we go Squeaked Mr Mouse. We don’t have time Mousey Tiddles Meowed and headed straight for the lift. Tiddles stretched up and hit the top button. Why are we going up there Mr Mouse squeaked. My Mother always told me to head straight for the top in any desperate situation. The lift wooshed up the tower at breakneck speed and suddenly stopped. The sign said floor 303 and the doors opened. “FORBIDDEN ACCESS” KEEP OUT ~ NO MICE Sitting around at desks were hundreds of pure white polar bears with gelled fur and dark glasses typing away on computers. Meow Tiddles called out trying to attract someone’s attention. Not a flicker they were being ignored. Tiddles and Mr Mouse walked straight past another sign saying “Unauthorised Entry” She let out a howl as cats do but no one stirred. Mr Mouse saw that all the polar bears were wearing ipods and listening to “COOL” music so it was not surprising that no one was listening. Tiddles noticed a big switch saying “POWER” and decided to turn it off. Suddenly there was silence in the room and all the polar bears ground to a halt. You shouldn’t have done that a lone voice called out. It was a badger in a white coat that they had not noticed before. Why have all the polar bears frozen asked Mr Mouse. CUZ they are computerised robots, relied the snow badger. What happens here Tiddles asked the Badger. It’s the authorised access room where the polar bears generate endless names and access passwords for the new users. So why do all the screens say Anonymouse = BZ34YTQ or Hazelwah = MB99FZM They are not names. Names have been banned and you cant change them replied the ferret Why asked Tiddles ? I don’t know but Rules are rules ~ ask the boss. Where the boss ? Tiddles asked. The badger pointed skyward with one of his paws. Tiddles and Mr Mouse decided to get back in the lift and head skyward. Lets go to the top Meowed Tiddles. The lift stared up with a woooooooosh and headed up. Eventually it stopped and the door opened. The room was high above the clouds and occupied by the biggest cat you are ever likely to see in your lifetime. Who are you The Boss Cat roared and is that my dinner ? I told my personal assistant I only eat elephants and hippos and I don’t want a snack. NO this is my friend Mr Mouse Tiddles meowed. And what do you want the Boss cat roared. Access for all my friends and preservation of our old home in some way. Well you cant have it the Boss cat roared you have to change your name, now get out and don’t come back. The old church goes. Anonymouse looked rejected. The lift door opened and another sleek cat came into the room. Dribble show these people out and don’t let them back in without a password my office is unauthorised access AND WHERES MY DINNER the boss cat roared. We cant get the elephants up in the lift boss the PA cat replied. Why not the boss cat roared ? Unauthorised access Anony squeaked. The boss cat said he cant come in again unless he changed his name Dribble the cat led Tiddles and Mr Mouse out of the room. Shall I show you the quick way down Dribbles said to Tiddles. Tiddles asked Why do you work here, if you don’t mind me asking ? I don’t work here I am a volunteer all I do is raise money and feed boss cat. Oh ! Tiddles responded. Would you like me to get you both a pair of sunglasses Dribble meowed. Oh yes please and perhaps you can tell me why it’s so bright in here. It’s the polar bears they are used to a white bright environment and it was part of the agreement that they could design something that suited them. Dribble said would you like me to show you the quick exit ? Yes please Tiddles and Mr Mouse replied. Dribble opened an access panel on the side of the building and climbed out onto the glass side. Claws out he meowed and hang on it’s a long way down. His claws made a screeeeeeeeeech as he slid down the side of the building. Tiddles and Mr Mouse followed. They passed through the cloud cover claws screeching on the smooth glass as the slid down the side of the shard tower. Ground floor access only as they arrived at the bottom of the building. The door dog was still barking “PASSWORD” as they left and went back to the old church. Anony and Tiddles made their way back and Anony disappeared on route