the Bristol stool chart!

Afternoon on this bright and warm (ish) day in West Yorkshire!

Anyone recognise the name of my post?

I was given a Bristol Stool Chart, by a nurse from the continence service. On it there are about 6 illustrations of what the best poo should look like.

Well that nurse would`ve been proud of me last night.

I did a perfect one!!! I could`ve photographed it and they could use the picture in their leaflets!

Ok, so why am I getting all excited about something like this?

Because, like so many of us, I struggle to go and also have accidents and it can rule our lives, and make us decide to go out or stay in, near the loo.

I seem to be doing exceptionally well, in that department just now. Famous last words and all that!

I`m having a big bowl of bran flakes, a fresh fig and a banana for brekkie.

Just thought I`d share the info with you all.

luv Pollx

ps. not needed a movicol for 2 weeks!


I had Colonic doo dah four years ago, and the Ex Nurse who was doing the business showed me the chart. I would have hsat myself laughing under normal circumstances,and when she told me she had the chart on a T shirt I wanted to marry her

Wb x

Hi poll

Been there, done that, you are not alone!


laughing at wobbleboys reply! what a wedding photo that would have made!

yes i’ve been given that poo chart. oh what have i become?

carole xx

Poll well done! I think a good diet does far more good than we think possible.

I think Slimming World has been great for you, hasn’t it?


Don’t worry Carole,we’re just going through the motions

Wb x

Apparently there’s a ‘ratemypoo’ website!!!

I’m glad there wasn’t an extra letter,say an h in webs-ite.


Poll, 3 words…


Belinda xxx

Okay Bekinda, you`ve foxed me…what does TMI stand for then?

luv Pollx

Hi all and ta for the replies.

Innit marvelous what gets us excited these days!

luv Pollx

TMI Too Much Information

B xx

Oh,just another TLA…Three Letter Abbreviation

Wb x

WB, did you ask her where you could buy such a t shirt? There is a website called but I haven’t seen that 1!

WB, did you ask her where you could buy such a t shirt? There is a website called but I haven’t seen that 1! Whoops didn’t mean any offence the first word rhymes with white!

and why call it the BRISTOL stool chart?

is it cos they float down the bristol channel?

Chris,she’d had the T shi(r)t made up in Birkenhead market.Appropriate really.

Now now Gillian,you’ll have the Environment Agency after you for spreading rumours. ‘Mersey Gold Fish Chart’, works nicely.

Wb x

Dunno why they call it that. Perhaps they used Bristol Uni to research the stuff.

luv Pollx

It was developed by Dr. Ken Heaton at the University of Bristol.

B x