a normal "movement"


(sorry about the toilet content)

this morning i went to the loo and had a normal movement.

hurray, its been a long time since i had a normal one.

its another thing that i took for granted until i lost it.

and its a beautiful sunny day too.

be happy

carole x


am so delighted cos u r happy! thats not sarcasm-honestly-cos same for me today! saves me doing peristeen today which exhausts me further cos its artificial…

heres to nature today eh?!

ellie x

I had a couple earlier in the week but back to 2s on the Bristol Stool Scale for my number twos now. It was lovely while it lasted - enjoy!

Oh for a normal movement!

Filling out a ‘bowel diary’ for continance nurse next week… have to put a tick against time when I have bowel movement… NO ticks yet!

Pat x

oh man!

i’m a little obsessed with peeing and pooing!

ah well, good to know i’m in good company

carole x

I’m now on peristeen so feeling loads better in that department after over a year of struggling and worrying. You can’t beat the feeling of a really good poo!

My days are brighter when Ive been`.

weeing and pooing govern my life at the mo.

luv Pollx

ha ha ha! i knew it was a gross topic but i’m glad it made you laugh!!

i just felt so great being normal! should change my name to normal norma!

carole x