Sorry TMI. Bowel movements

Hello Not been diagnosed but going through the process. Something I’ve noticed with in my bowel movements is that I am no longer going once a day but tend to go 4 or 5 times a day and I think this is due to constipation. My faeces is not hard or dry but I seem to be having trouble releasing all of it in one go and tend to go back and forth through the day. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

Hello Ella

No it’s no TMI. It’s all relevant. I can’t exactly relate to your experience as mine was all about constipation in a completely different way (i.e. not able to go at all).

I just wanted to applaud you for addressing your symptoms head on and writing about them early on, which is a point many people don’t get to.

I hope you have replies from people who can directly relate to your problem.


Thank you sue. I do feel like a hypochondriac sometimes. The.more I think.about it.more I associate some symptoms that I have shrugged off so to speak. Wish their was a quick diagnosis because once I know and can put a name to my symptoms will be a huge relief Kind regards