another 5lbs weight loss? (not MS)

Afternoon playmates! Thanks to all who congratulated me on my 2st weight loss.

But yesterday…did I lose a lot more?

Hope this isnt going to be a case of too much information for some of you. But im sure several of you will know what I mean.

Like many of us, I suffer with constipation/too loose stools.

Yesterday has to be one for the records. I hadnt been` for 6 days…nowt unusual in that for me and then I generally get relief with not too much trouble.

But OMG! I got onto the commode, over the loo at 10.30am.

I finally got off at 1pm!!! Yes, I know, incredible innit?

I felt as though I was being ripped apart. Sis arrived just as hubby was getting me into bed, as I was so utterly worn out!

She offered to empty the commode and was aghast at what she saw! She said This isnt natural. What does your GP say about this?`

Well, GP already prescribes senna and laxido, plus suppositores, but I can`t keep them in long enough. You know I also have prune jiuce, figs and extra bran flakes. I also drink gallons of water, so it must be all down to having no mobility.

Normally once i get going, I end up very loose, so I cut back on the TNT stuff…then get constipated…a vicious circle.

So I will have to keep up with the laxido to avoid a repeat of yesterday`s performance.

Being loose is better than giant`s poos, eh?

Back in bed now…feeling fragile.

Aren`t we glamorous and alluring with this damned desease!

luv Pollx

Wow Poll You must have been knackered! Do you feel better for that or have you got tummy ache? Hope it sorts itself out. Teresa xx

Poll sorry I never posted a congrats on your other thread…I kept losing my post somehow :slight_smile:

So proud of you my fellow Slimming Worlder … the diet does work and it just goes to show what can be achieved even if you are immobile.

I can’t seem to get a middle ground the delicate situation…I had to take the max dose of movicol a few weeks ago, and seem to have developed a sensitivity to it now.

After several recent days of “failing to achieve” I took one measly sachet last night and had to go at 4am…with the amitrypyline which knocks me out (in a fab kinda way) I don’t know how I made it there and back…could have been disastrous.

Its fatties class tomoz and I’ve been so off the rails this week I don’t want to go, but its my big trip of the week so I think I must force myself to face up the implications of my greed…

By the way Poll my quilt is coming on a treat. My theme is “rose garden” having problem with sore elbows and wrists which is hampering me. I had reduced my amitrypyline down, so I’ve whacked it back up.

Keep on laughing dahling. Love Gillian x

Hi Pat, no hun, I wasnt going all that time. Thats how long it took to pass that ginormous thing!

luv Polllx

Hi Gill, it`s the only thing to do…go to fat club and face the music, then get straight back on the plan. How did it go then?

The quilt sounds lovely. Yes, the amitriptyline does help me with nerve pain. Personally I dont believe it has caused me to be its the junk that`s been thrown down my neck which has done that! I know ami does make a lot of folk put weight on.

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa, tum`s ok. Botty is still a touch sore. I asked carer to check for piles. As she did so, i released a good bit of wind, as she rolled me over!!! I apologised profusely, but we ended up in fits of laughter! What am I like, eh?

luv Pollx

Well the laughter certainly helps in those embarrassing situations. No one is embarrassed anymore - it’s just the way it is! You do keep us entertained, please never stop! Love Teresa xx

Hope you’ve got a radio in that bathroom!

Feel better soon love,

Pat x

Ta chuck!

luv Pollx

Hey Poll

I didnt make fat class through no fault of my own…had to see a different doc for a sick note and he was running 1.5 hours late. (deep joy)

He did suggest a month of oral steroids might help me, I’m not diagnosed so I’m a bit unsure.

I can’t imagine he would give me a bum steer…have you old timers got any advice for me please?

Pat - Its not a flamin radio she needs its a TV. She could watch a movie while she’s in there.

Perhaps “Gone with the wind” is a good starting point.

Love Gillian x

Funny re Gonne with the wind! I had iv steroids many years ago. They did chuff all…ie nowt!

luv Pollx