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I saw a thread on here recently about hemp THC oil. I went to a site called phoenix tears and found a link to buy some. You had to register your complaint and get a membership approved. I managed this but when I went to look at prices it was out of the question - 1200 US dollars for 1 months supply!

Moyna x

Hi Moyna,we meet again. I think I’m right in saying Tetra Hydro Cannabanoid(?) is the ‘get you high’ factor in cannabis,so an extract costing $1200 a month would get you to the moon.

I’d go thirds on a three pack of Sativex,as I’ve been told to go away and keep playing pick’n’mix with the array of prescription drugs I have,to try and mitigate my worsening chronic Neuropathetic pain.I’ve got the ‘Sativex Substitute’ but even a tiny amount can sometimes cause more pain,presumably 'cos the THC level is wrong.A shame a nice bit of siren.

My GP won’t even give me a private script for Sativex, and the PCT are using the results of a flawed trial to stop anybody having Sativex.I’ve got it in writing from one of the World’s leading pain specialists that the trial was flawed.I’m toying with the idea of using a reporter I know to have a swing at them.I might go and see my MP and generally start shouting and screaming blah blah blah

Sorry for hijacking your post,but the ‘juices’ started flowing

Wb x

I have argued my case with my MS neuro to be prescribed Satiuvex but it has been to no avail.

Wb, NICE did not make a ruiling on Sativex as to twhether or not PCT’s (or GP consortia) to have to provide Sativex if they found it cost effective. In there infinite wisdom they hav decided that upon review of the MS care guidelines that it was to be included as medication of last resort for spasticity and this means that the NHS does not have a legal obligation to supply it.

I am getting so desperate for it that I am now ontemplating seeing an MS neuro privately to try and get a private prescription with the only downside being that it will cost me £475 just for the bloody prescription!!!


Hi Andy,that’s a few bob for something which may have no good effects,so maybe we can find somebody on here who is willing to start plotting with us.I’m still in E-med after a dalliance with LDN four years ago, so I’ll get in touch with them to see how much money they want.


Hi again. How much would sativex cost per month on a private prescription? I want to try fampridine also. I can just see costs escalating. My dx is radiation myelopathy from a private neuro. This could only have happened because of mistakes in my treatment for hodgkins lymphoma. I am starting to feel that if the NHS made a mistake then they should be prepared to give me the drugs for free to help me feel better. I did see a NHS neuro for botox and tried to explain this and now he is disagreeing with the first neuro and trying to label me with PPMS. I only have one lesion in the area of the radiation and a clear LP. I am really confused as to what is going on with me!

Moyna x

Has anyone tried pea for pain, looked at trails and seems to help of lots of neuro pain.

Trials sorry x


Been reading the posts re: Sativex and was hoping to help as I get it from a Canadian family member, it takes a week to arrive but is the same as I was advised to get in the UK.