Sativex anyone tried, does it work?

Sky news all day talking about sativex, has anyone tried it, if so what does it do better than anything we can have, and if you are using can you, drive, work, think straight?? If you was smoking the stuff, would you be good for nothing, but Happy. Lol

Sativex is good gear man…MEGALOL. It isn’t actually,'cos the THC(Tetra hydro cannabanoid) level has been dropped to make the drug better for medicinal use and in most people there is no ‘high’ unless there are other nice substances in the system.As usual with US the effects will vary from person to peep

This next bit may not be 100% correct,but I’m not telling porkies on purpose.The drug Sativex(scientific name for cannabis) was developed in this country and after trials the decision was made that it wasn’t much use, so the Government of the time saw no reason to make it available to those pesky MS sufferers…I’ve got it in writing from one of the world’s leading pain experts that the trial was flawed.Would a Government possibly use faulty statistics to stop having to release a ‘relatively’ expensive drug to people who could really benefit from it,with regards to pain,mobility and other symptoms?

It looks to me that the patent or whatever you call it was bought by Beyer after developement and I wonder if they thought the stuff would be supplied to MS peeps.Apparently there is a bit of the old postcode raffle and some PCTs will supply it.My GP is not even allowed to provide a private prescription for the stuff.Ever heard of a GPs’ surgery turning down £25? I do get a private script from E-med and they send it to Dicksons of Glasgow who will send me the gear for £440.That is three little cannisters and there are about 50 squirts in each.I use 1-3 squirts a night for a week to help knock the pain down so I can sleep for more than two hours.A cannister may last 7-8 weeks, as I rotate the various painkillers I have to play with. It does say that the cannister should be discarded six weeks from opening…Yeah right ,at that price.

Apparently some of the poor souls diagnosed with cancer may get pain felief from Sativex and as they enter the latter stages of the disease there are no issues with them getting it,if it helps.My neighbour will get no further treatment for the cancer he has,but thankfully he’s alright at the moment.AS and when things change we will be having a conversation about his pain levels and if there would be a reason for him to have Sativex.Maybe there WILL be a need for us,sorry him to have Sativex.The idea of him getting me Sativex pleases him and wouldn’t that look good in the Daily Mail.



I’ve been using Sativex by paying for it myself for the past year and find it very beneficial. I take 6 sprays a day out of the maximum dose of 12 and find that enough to deal with my pain and spasm. If I up the dose then I feel that I wouldn’t be safe to drive and I need a car as I live in a rural area.


I took Sativex for nearly a year (on private prescription) and I can say it was the best medication I had been given for Neuropathic Pain and Spasticity. Unfortuantely I had a bad reaction to it and had to stop taking it but from my experience with it I know it does work.

Ok, sounds like good stuff, have any of you been at the stage where you can only walk a few yards, and it’s made walking much better??

It’s good for spasm and nerve pain for some people but it’s not really a drug that claims to help with walking. Fampyra is the drug which can help with walking but unfortunately it’s in the same position as Sativex. NICE are recommending that both drugs are axed in their draft guidelines for the treatment of MS. They are both very hard to come by at the moment anyway unless you can afford to pay for them privately.