Has anybody tried SATIVEX

My doctor has suggested that i ask my speclist that i might try .SATIVEX and wondered if other people have tried it and how they got on . I suffer very with lower back and leg spasam and the gabapentin i am on at the moment dosent seem to offer any relief. Thanks Katy

Hi Katy, spotted your post sitting low down on page 2, so thought i would reply, even tho I havent tried sativex.

As your GP has suggested you ask your neuro for it, he must already know if it has had the all clear from your local health authority.

Not many areas do prescribe sativex. Mine doesnt as i have asked. When they talked about it, they were told it has a 50% success rate, but sadly that wasnt a good enough response.

I know some of our membrs here, do get it prescribed. Spacejacket is one of those. I`l give her a nudge fo you.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Nope I havent I wasnt aware it was available may ask my doc as the painkillers dont work

Thanks for your replies have emailed my ms nurse to see what she can do i know its vey expensive and think the doc would rather i buy brownies if you know what i mean. katy

Katy If you’re buying brownies, if I give you a couple of quid, can you buy me some. My area doesn’t do sati ex either. Regards Neil

Can make you some if i knew where to got the main ingredient.

l have been using Sativex for over 3yrs. As soon as it became licensed for MS use my GP made sure l got a prescription for it. Neuro is all for it. lts not that expensive - compared with other meds. A little goes a long way. lt has none of the side-effects other muscle relaxants have. And recent research has proved it is OK to drive whilst taking it. Which l could never do when taking Baclofen/Tizanidine/Gabapentin.

l did try the ‘Brownie’ version first. But the brownies were so tasty l was eating too many. lts very difficult to self medicate.

Hope you get the chance to try it.

Thank you for your reply i hope my doc gets the go ahead for me to try it it cant be any worse than the gabapetin and i cant eat to many brownies as the extra weight would not help me . thanks katy