Sativex & pain

hi everyone, sorry I have been away from this lovely forum for so long. Hope you are all doing as well as possible. Question: can anyone tell me if Sativex has helped with neuropathic pain? Never mind spasms etc …I fortunately don’t suffer, but I do have a lot of very bad burning (neuropathic pain ) down my legs and I’ve tried all the pain killers. Pregabalin is the best tolerated but has marginal benefits. Be keen to hear your input and does anyone get it on NHS in England? Many thanks for any replies. Roger

Hi, there have been posts and discussions here re sativex.

It seems GPs/neuros are few and far between who will actually prescribe it.

Some get private scripts and pay quite a lot for it, but obviously, if it does help and they can afford it, then that can only be a good thing. I imagine it is much safer to be prescribed sativex than buy cannabis illegally.

I asked for it but was told at only a 50% success rate, it isnt high enough to make it possible.

Good luck.


Their was a post on here last week about CBD oil - cannabis based oil you can buy ‘legally’ as the harmful part is removed - lf you look on facebook CBD brothers uk. Nowhere near as expensive as Sativex.

l get Sativex on prescription - as l could not tolerate Baclofen/Tizanidine so gp got the go ahead from neuro to prescribe it. No nasty side-effects. Used it for about 5yrs.

CBD oil is very similar to Sativex.

l have bumped up the post re = Help with pain - CBD oil. Have a read. hope it helps.