Morning - just a quick question - has anyone tried Sativex?

I’m struggling, and have been for 25 years to be more mobile and thinking of trying to get Sativex on a private Presciption!

What do you guys think? I’m not even sure I’d be able to get it anyway

even if I offered to pay?

Eeyore girl x

I have not tried Sativex as I cannot afford the prescription costs.

I would recommend getting in touch with your neurologist as some hospitals do run Sativex trials for pain management; on the assumption that you wish to try it to reduce neuropathic pain. I tried this route myself but was a month or so too late as the trial had closed, however, you may be fortunate.

As you are no doubt aware, Sativex is synthesised from the sativa plant to ensure a consistent balance of THC and CBD. THC is the psychotropic element which makes you high, in the right quantity. CBD is effective for a number of symptoms such as neuropathic pain, tremors and bladder issues.

CBD is available legally from many outlets and in many forms, such as paste, oil and even chocolate. I have been using this for over a year with good results and it costs me about £50 a month. I no longer take any prescription medication for neuropathic pain.

If you cannot avail yourself through a trial, and baulk at the expense of a private prescription, then you might consider trying CBD. If you require any more information and details of my supplier, please get in touch.

Best wishes


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Im trying to get onto Sativex but the spasticity consultant wanted me to try Tizanidine first, which I’ve been trialling now for about a month, but I’m not really getting on with it.

I’m either finding it too strong or it does nothing at all.

It’s a strange medication, for instance I usually take it first thing in the morning with a small bowl of cereal, but this morning I took it with a full breakfast, within half hour I felt unbelievable weak and very “not with it”, so I did what everyone else does, I Googled Tizanidine, and there were lots of write ups on how it’s absorption ate alters if taken with food !

The capsules are ok with food but not the tablets, which is what I’m on !!!

It can really hit you side ways, the increase of the med into the blood stream is hugely increased and at a faster rate if taken with food.

Getting back though to Sativex, I will be contacting the consultant to ask if I can now come off Tizanidine and try Sativex.

Quick follow up…

My MS clinic could not prescribe Satiivex, not even the neuro, it has to be through a spasticity consultant.

Hi, I haven’t tried sativex? i live in France and its really hard to get it, but I take cannabis high in cbd it is great for spasms and pain and I get good night’s sleep.

Hiya - thanks for the replies - it seems impossible to get to try Sativex.

But Jactac like you I’ve been offered tizanidine to replace Baclofen! No chance of trying Sativex due to cost!

I’m going to see what my chances are of offering to pay but again I’m not sure of my GP would help me!


My understanding is that Sativex can help with pain, spasticity and perhaps bladder, but doubt doubt it will do much to improve mobility.

A decent physio should be able to identify areas of muscle weakness and suggest a programme of exercises to improve strength, which might be your best option.

I was on the Sativex trial in 2002 and it did nothing for mobility, or anything else.

At the moment im trying out CBD Paste…its very good and reduces anxiety …makes me feel normal…

When I started on the Tizanidine I was told to start at 2mg at night only, building up to 2mg 3 x daily over a fortnight, then increase to 4mg, again at night and increasing the daily dose over another week or so, but I found that the 4mg made my legs too weak, even more so if taken with a meal.

When I checked out online why it felt stronger with a meal, apparently you should start taking it either with or without food, but DONT then alter how you take it in between, I guess it’s how the body gets used to absorbing it ?

I was usually taking it on an empty stomach, but now and then with food, because as it says on the instructions, “take with or without food”, but the absorption rate into the bloodstream goes through the roof if taken with food, at least thats what I found when reading up on it online ?

I definitely noticed an increase in weakness in my legs if I took it with a meal, and it comes on very quickly.

It’s odd really because 2mg does nothing, but 4mg can make my legs weak.

These types of drugs really are a bit of trial and error.

So… theres this body building website based in New York, who state that they offer for sale Sativex and that they ship it worldwide.

From what I read the cost of it is 135 Euros (yes euros??) for a 1 x 10ml spray and they charge 30 Euros for delivery.

I can only imagine that if one were to attempt to purchase and ship the Sativex into the UK then if caught, could face a potential custodial sentence…therefore I do not recommend doing so.

I wonder if a self funded prescription from a Doctor/ Neuro who is permitted to prescribe such a drug might give the green light to import?

Why is it so bloody difficult for us to get hold of this stuff, when the average spotty teenager can pick up a bag of bush so easily for £20 from most parks in britain???

Hiya Alun

​Thanks again for your response.

I’ve looked into a private prescription for Sativex and yes I could get it from my GP but the cost would be £560.50!

This would be for 3 X vials and a total of 270 sprays - possibly lasting a month!

I’m in so much pain at the moment and would like to give CBD ago as you suggested.

Can you please let me have details of your supplier!



It’s available here in Wales on prescription, but it’s still a nightmare to get onto !