Thanks for caring

Hi my cyber friends happy2 Firstly very spooky that you posted about me the day before I came back actually I tried to post this yesterday but the forum wasn’t playing) …thank you for the messages. X I’m okay, just so many things have been happening. I was just about to go for my neurodynamics appointment the last time I posted…nightmare! I knew from other posts that I had to leave all dignity behind me (which I did LOL) It was the 3 hour hospital transport journey (I live 30 mins from the hospital) that made it worse. We went all over Cumbria and then got stuck on the M6 because of the awful accident, then half way through the tests the fire alarm went off so ‘things’ had to be taken out of me and I had to get dressed again…I’d just got my boots on and the alarms switched off, cue me getting undressed again and the ‘things’ being put back in. Not the most relaxed I’ve been In a nutshell- I was picked up at 8.30, my appointment was at 10.30, I eventually got to the hospital at 12.00ish, tests were done, waited for an hour and a half for transport and got back home at 4.30…lots of wine was consumed that night LOL!!! Then the wait for DLA which took a month…I got it! happy2We pick up the car tomorrow happy2 I’m now working 5 hours a day and its going okay, will be upping it to 8 hours soon. God knows if I will be able to keep it up but ya gotta try or you won’t know. I haven’t been in the conference for a while (obviously) so don’t know how everyone has been. Hopefully none of you have been having a rough ride. Again, thank you for posting a message to see how I was. Oonagh Xxxx PS sorry this is one long paragraph but it won’tlet me use the return key for some reason. Xxxx

I tried to post this at the bottom of the Where’s Oonagh thread but it wouldn’t let me? Still won’t let me use the return key either. V annoying.

Oh, and just realised it should read urodynamics not neuro. Deary me I’m definitely back LOL!

Hi darlin’, so glad to see you back! Hospital appointment sounds like complete nightmare. Poor you. Must have been exhausted.

I got caught in fire alarm situation immediatly after having LP. As I had to stay lying flat so they wheeled me out onto a fire escape… I think it was 7th floor… I just looked up at sky cos if I turned my head I could see how high I was … so scared I got the giggles.

Congrat’s on getting DLA… Helps enormously and glad you getting a car.

Hope it goes ok on 8 hours a day. Good to give it a go and hope it works out.

The prob’s with the site are because they are desparately trying to get rid of spammers who have invaded us (I think that’s the reason).

Good to hear you’re doing ok Oonagh. Sounds as if you are keeping your head above water.

Take care and let us know how the 8 hours goes. Have you had test results of urodynamics?

Pat xx

Good to hear from you Oonagh. I can’t use the return key either. Bit worried about you doing 8 hours a day. I used to work 9 hours before this lovely MS hit me and it was knackering then. I’ve now cut down to 3 6 hours days and the DLA can take care of what I’m losing. Welcome back and don’t be a stranger again as you had us too worried!

Good to hear from you Oonagh. I can’t use the return key either. Bit worried about you doing 8 hours. I used to do 9 before this lovely MS thing got hold of me but I now do 3 6 hours days and let the DLA look after what I lose. Welcome back but don’t be a stranger again as we were too worried!

Best wishes from me too Oonagh.

luv Pollx

I replied twice but it didn’t post as it was waiting moderation! If this one doesn’t work welcome back anyway stranger.

Hi Oonagh, Great to see you again. Glad the urodynamics went OK ( despite the fire alarm ). It’s no fun I know but hopefully they have got useful info from it to help you. Have you got any help now for your bladder problems? Well done on the DLA - good news! I hope going up to 8 hours again will go OK. Let us know how things go! Teresa xx