Thank goodness for our leaders

Hello folks, we all moan at our political leaders, we may not fully believe all they say, or what they stand for, but to have a leader who only cares for one section of the population and couldn’t care less, and, for us here, holds a major say in how this government is run, is shocking, step forward Arlene Foster, the north of Ireland leader, who has agreed to attend a march of a certain religious biased organisation here in Scotland, the quicker this government either holds an election, or takes a chance alone, they must get rid of them, NOW, Brian

What has any of what you have said got anything to do with ms?

Brian can say what he wants; does not have to be MS related.


Janet, not everyone knows this, so don’t spread it around, or mibbe it’s my upbringing so please forgive me, but, I could be wrong here, but, Everyday Living is not, repeat, not solely confined to MS matters, we may live with MS but we don’t need to talk/read every single item on it 24/7, life would be a tad boring, I’m sorry if your life revolves around MS, but I do have a one that involves a lot more than MS, boring or exciting they maybe, Brian

Thank you George, it, or any subject for that matter, may only interest me, but I’m as good as the next person, and I’ll stand up for any wrongs or injustices that matter to me, I may not agree with a person’s viewpoint but they have free speech, again thank you for the backing, Brian

The thing that is so depressing about this is that, whatever you think of Teresa May, she is the least worse of we have.