Tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday

Been double jabbed but after doing 2 lateral flow tests, its proved positive for Covid. I have MS and i can say that despite having a cough, my mobility is affected more so than before. I cant get in touch with the MS co-ordinator nor my MS nurse to ask all relevant questions.

I am posting this to see if anyone else has contacted Covid and how it has affected them.

Thank you

Hi Tally

I’ve not had Covid, but it seems reasonable that contracting any virus, Covid included can and often does make MS symptoms worse.

So if even getting a regular cold can make MS go bananas, getting Covid would too.

Bloody useless immune system, it just doesn’t know what’s the ‘enemy’ and what’s a ‘friend’. The virus is the enemy, but try telling your immune system fighter cells that!


Thank you for your reply, yes, a common cold can play havoc nevermind Covid !

The lateral flow tests don’t work. A bloody grape tested positive for Covid. This media narrative is just for the jab. Avoid it at all cost.

Hello Tally,

I’ve not had covid but know from experience that a fever can make MS worse.

Persist in your efforts to contact your MS nurse, if the direct number doesn’t get you anywhere then either try going through the hospital’s switchboard or contact your neuro’s secretary; you might find his or her number on your hospital’s website, or again you can try going through the main switchboard.


Out of curiosity where do you think you got it if you have it?

in my town a lot of teenagers had positive LFT but on PCR then were negative. Now you see i always thought the LFT was only meant to be used if you DONT have symptoms, and if you do you are supposed to have the PCR.

Rapid lateral flow tests are for people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). The tests give a quick result using a device similar to a pregnancy test.

Get rapid COVID-19 tests if you do not have symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you’ll need to do a PCR test


So you need to have it confirmed with a PCR. the ones in my area had POSITIVE LFT, and ALL NEGATIVE PCR.

SO something is seriously amiss. I take a LFT every week i dont have symptoms. I do it as i was asked too. The idea of LFT is to flush out any ASMPTOMATIC people who may have it but not aware of it.

I still answer my door with mask on, no one comes into my place without a mask, and i keep my place ventilated. there are a lot of people at the moment with mild covid passing it around.

So you need to have a PCR. As to feeling rough if you have a temp it would be normal viral response like a cold as it is from a similar make up.

Thank you Ben for your reply. Funnily enough, after i posted yesterday on here, i actually got a phone call from the MS co-ordinator saying i have a telephone consultation on Friday from the MS nurse, so that is brilliant.

Thank you again.

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Thank you Crazy Chick.

Yes, i too have heard that the LFT are dire, in my defence i had some in house and used 2 BUT in meantime i sent off for a PCT and ive sent that off, so i SHOULD hear today of results.

I suppose because i feel sooooooo naff its a case of instantly thinking COVID COVID COVID !!! … despite the fact ive been double jabbed …

I thank you very much for your reply…

But then in the news today, it seems that Lateral Flow Tests are better than was previously thought: Covid: Lateral flow tests more accurate than first thought, study finds - BBC News


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Thank you Ssssue , i have read the link you sent from the BBC, interesting. Goodness knows if they are accurate or not ! I am still awaiting my PCR test results so when THAT comes back i will feel more comfortable.

As the days roll on, i do feel better ( thank goodness )

Thank you for taking the time to send the link.

The trouble is i feel they are expecting too much from laymen to understand the difference between why they are using an LFT and then why they have to send it for a PCR.

from the article.

Prof Michael Mina, from Harvard School of Public Health, also part of the research team, said the LFTs could “catch nearly everyone who is currently a serious risk to public health” when viral loads are at their peak.

“It is most likely that if someone’s LFT is negative but their PCR is positive, then this is because they are not at peak transmissible stage,” he said.

OK so let me get this right. If i have a negative LFT it doesnt mean i am negative just not at the peak of transmissible stage?

However, we are asked to do the LFT just to see if virus is present when we feel well, so would it mean we would have to do the test nearly every other day just in case?

I am not a laboratory assistant, and do the best I can to help the situation. But if i get a negative result it doesnt mean i havent got Covid then does it… so by the time the PCR is done it could be the difference of say 2 days and that is why they coming back positive, so that is why the say you must have a PCR test to confirm. BUT you dont have to do a PCR if you have a negative LFT test.

Its enough to give you headache lol.

You couldn’t put it any better, very confusing, to the point that the ‘experts’ dont know concrete proof of what is what, as they say, it is new and everyone is learning from it.

Saying alllll that, my PCR test result has come back and it is, positive.

Soooo, the 2 LFT tests stated positive as did the PCR…
So, all i know is i have to isolate.

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bless you hun, stay safe and just rest. xxx

I also have MS, and I also tested positive for Covid on a test I made a few months ago. I had the same symptoms as you, but one of my doctors told me to try taking a PCR test instead of the rapid test I made. Apparently, the rapid test gave me a so-called “false positive.” It turned out it was another virus that was going on at the time, and I found that out thanks to a famous covid test for travel, the PCR. At least I knew how to treat it, which gave me a great advantage for getting better quicker. I highly suggest doing the same since you never know what the situation could be and how you can be affected by it.

Yes, i did a PCR test too and it was positive… took me about 3 week to feel ‘Human’ qgain.

I got 2 shots of Pfizer already. In a week they will give me a booster shot. I hope it works. Soon I am heading off to Argentina for some time and wish to have negative PCR at the airport fingers crossed Here is a very useful article I stumbled across recently.

Good luck! Travel isn’t easy with the unpredictability of Covid.