Positive Covid LF test, negative PCR test

Well yesterday I did a lateral flow test just as a precaution as my fatigue had increased to high levels, legs were on the more shaky side. Been having a slight sore throat for a while, and I always have a runny nose, and muscles are pretty achy much of the time, and brain fog is pretty ‘normal’ for me. No cough though. Anyway it came back positive - line was quite evident! I wasn’t expecting that.

I checked my temperature - it was up slightly - for me, anyway as I run cool, at 37.2C, but not so that I had any sense of having a temperature. So got myself booked for a PCR test and attended. That, fortunately came back negative today.

Seems that a positive LFT followed by a negative PCR is pretty rare, though.

Had to laugh at the post test guidance. If you have no symptoms after a positive LFT but negative PCR then you probably don’t have Covid so no need to continue isolating. If you have symptoms then you might have Covid, so you should keep isolating! As my symptoms were not that different from my fairly crap ‘normal’ I decided that fell into the ‘normal’ camp. I’ve got some more LF tests, different batch so have decided to do one daily for the next few days, just to be sure. It may have been a faulty batch. On the other hand don’t want to be an asymptomatic spreader.


That does sound strange. Usually negative LF, then positive PCR.

I do lateral flow twice a week for my job. New ones are nose only, much more pleasant. All negative.

Was in close contact with someone who is positive. I’m triple jabbed.
Have a runny nose, headache aching limbs.
Had PCR yesterday - negative - phew.

Take care.

Hope you remain covid free.