Not the best news - Covid Positive!

I’ve just started to get a little worried…

Although I am triple vaccinated - just, my last dose was last Saturday so not enough time for it to get up to speed to start the fighting talk! I now have a covid positive test!

This is how last week happened.

On Saturday i had my 3rd dose of Pfizer.On Monday I had a sore throat. On Tuesday I did an lft test after I started with a dry cough too - the result was negative. On Wednesday I decided to take a pcr test and early on Friday morning I got the dredded text to confirm I was positive.

OK, it’s fine I hear you all saying, but 3 weeks ago I had a letter to say I was vulnerable due to my immune system which is not working at full capacity! I’ve been on Aubagio for 6 years and although being on this med doesn’t usually put you at greater risk, my lymphocyte levels have been very low for a couple of years, but my Neuro has been fine with it and I’ve not previously been advised to isolate (too late now)

Guess I will just have to sit it out and hope my body has enough defences!

BTW my husband has similar symptoms, but still remains negative! I think another pcr test may be due for him.


Aw Sharon, I’m so sorry. All you can do is vaccinate and protect yourself!

But Covid just sneaks in regardless.

Hopefully all will be ok and you’ll not get severe symptoms. Also that your husband won’t get it (& will use isolation to make sure you’re ok!)


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My lft was positive today…eventually! But that’s 3 days after my pcr test was done and 6 days from when my symptoms started!

No wonder its spreading quickly!

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Hi Sharon, hope you’re on the mend very soon.

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ok, firstly if you had the vaccine on saturday and had symptoms monday you would have:

a) already been infected

ALL my friends who had triple pfizer have had sore throats afterwards. makes you wonder doesnt it.

At least having the vaccine has given you a milder dose.

My friends husband was offered a PCR test when he was walking through is local town a new iniative and he had a test and it was positive he wasnt even ill had his triple vaccine just 3 days before.

My friend has never got the virus off him.

In gloucester we had thousands of positive covid tests at one laboratory which had negative LFT. It turned out the positive PCR were all deemed negative. there was an error. It caused a major panic in our area for sure.

I hope your on the mend hun. My friends husband never really felt ill he had a bit of a sore throat and dry cough. but it went in a few days. xxxx

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That’s good to hear Crazy Chick.

I’m OK at the moment just full of a bad cold with a cough and now I have sore eyes.

Last night I read that the immunocompromised people could get a prescription for a course of tablets that help break down the virus to stop it becoming more prevalent, but I’m still waiting for the out of hrs doctor to call me back.

Sharon x

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Hi, sorry you’ve contracted covid. It does seem to be hitting more people…even the vaccinated ones. But fingers crossed…you and they aren’t hospitalised and manage to recover well.
take care
love Boudsxx

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Thanks Bouds,

I’m waiting to hear back from the out of hrs Doctor and have been since 3am to see if I am eligible to get a prescription to help fight the disease to to my continuing low lymphocytes levels.

Hope they call back soon as there’s a window of 5 days to take this treatment for those eligible!

Fingers crossed🤞

@bouds @Crazy_Chick @Ssssue I’ve ust found out that the medication I’d seen, that looked like it was available, for the treatment of covid in immunocompromised patients, isn’t on the list of available prescribed medications yet!

But the GP I spoke to sounded positive that with my age and being double vaccinated I should still be OK, but then a news item I’ve just read says that more double vaccinated patients are being hospitalised!

So, fingers crossed my body s strong enough :muscle: to fight this crappy infection!

Sharon x

to be honest i think if you were going to be really bad you would have by now. 7 days is usually the run of covid. you have to self isolate from 10 days. let us hope you dont get it any further things added. up vitimin D is important and fluids. BIG GENTLE HUGS, how is the temperature as that can be a gauge to it, my friends husband never had a temp. xxxxx your talking about the new pfizer viral med its not passed yet i dont think for use in UK. xx

Thanks for your insight @Crazy_Chick! I did have a temperature, but only just at 37.1. Usually my body temp is at 35.5 and I take a good dose of vit d daily anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I found out it’s not quite on the list of prescribed meds yet too after speaking to 111. It has to be taken within the first 5 days of symptoms when it becomes available.

But, after an awful weekend of feeling quite poorly and waking up Monday morning with a killer headache, almost making me sick, I started to improve to the point that I feel like I’ve just got a bad cold in just one day!

Today is day 9 since my first symptom and it looks like I’m coming out the other end now. I’ve just heard of a friend who’s just been diagnosed too, who has no idea how she caught it either. Please continue to remain as vigilant as you can mask up and use that anti bac. in the shops and wash, wash, wash!

I’m going to take at least another day off work to rest and recover, but pleased to be coming out the otherside now :grinning:

I’m glad you’re so much better Sharon

I totally agree with you, masks, handwashing, antibac everything, & social distancing may have become a matter of personal choice, but my OH and I are sticking to it. We’ve been into town today and the number of people wearing masks has massively dropped. Yet we live in a higher than average infection area right now. People are stupid. And yet we’ve been double vaxxed and boosted. #dontwanttocatchCovid.



You’re right Ssssue. The amont of people who aren’t wearing masks & using the anti bac and giving you space in the shops is just mad!

Good news here though, although I still have a cough and have lost my sense of smell/taste (nothing new here - I had this with my 2nd relapse!), I’m going into my home office to see how it goes tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone. Make sure you are double vaccinated and all boostered up & hopefully your body will have the resources to fight, fight, fight!

Sharon x


Hope you are well on the way to recovery. But don’t push yourself too hard. Your health comes before work, but at least you say it is your home office, so no commute home if you start to feel you’ve done too much!

In my area today it is still about 50/50 wearing / not wearing masks in the local shop. Our area last week was the third worst for deaths from covid in England …

Went to my doctors’ surgery today too, and masks are still a requirement there. One elderly man went in ahead of me - no mask, and he walked past the hand sanitiser without using it. He sat down in the waiting room. Then touched his mouth as if he’d got something caught in his teeth - had a good poke around. Then wiped his nose with his hand. Luckily I got called before him, so he hadn’t touched the door handle before me! He might have had a cognitive deficit to excuse his behaviour, but then again he might have just been a covid non-believer!

I’m playing it very safe, and intend to do so for a long while yet.


yes 10 days that is why they have isolated set at it. Now dont go rushing back ok. You can feel better then push it. cant it wait until next week so you have had a good rest?

I think i hope this doesnt start a riot, we need to go back to mandatory FACE, HANDS and SPACE.

Where i live some supermarkets and shops still do it. Most of my delivery drivers wear masks. People are now so complacent. this DELTA is high infectious. Most people get it mild but even with vaccine some are in hospital so why do people think they are invincible?

My daughter got a rotten cold off a shop worker. she coughed and sneezed all over her and my grandson, got sick within a few days. i got them both tested with LFT but they were negative, but really employees should be forced to wear a mask with snotty noses. lol. xxx

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so why wasnt he wearing one? you went to a doctors surgery. wow how did you manage that lol.

Good plan! @Crazy_Chick

‘Now dont go rushing back ok. You can feel better then push it. cant it wait until next week so you have had a good rest?’

Woke up with a banging head and lots of coughing today so will see how it goes, but will need to ask my gp for a sick note soon as I’ve been off work since last Friday.

Re that shopworker - be extra super careful around your daughter and grandson as this Delta virus does have symptoms of a Runny nose and sneezing too! My lft took 5 days after symptoms started before it showed I was positive & my husband has just done a 2nd pcr test as he has symptoms but his lft is still showing negative!

Take care all

Sharon x

I agree too @Crazy_Chick We should be back on mandatory face coverings and social distancing. The other day I was in M&S (with my OH), a big group piled into the lift and said ‘there’s room for you’. We declined to get in a crowded lift full of people unmasked. We waited for the next lift.



Crikey a petri dish for a lift its all you need. Its not only about covid though there is a very nasty cold virus doing the rounds. Who wants either. ALTHOUGH to be fair before covid i never bothered just got on with life, people snotting and coughing everywhere. I tend to treat my auto immune very well.

THE main trouble with COVID why people dont want it even mild is it can cause long term after affects. I have friends who have had MILD covid who are still experiencing problems long afterwards. I was up in our communial lounge the old biddies up there right. No one wearing a mask only I was.

I only popped in to drop off a raffle prize. I asked how they were and one said we are getting there most of us have been sick. Not covid she said but this horrible cold, boy i am glad i had my mask on was no where near them and legged it lol turning my wheelchair round very smartly lol and high tailed it out of there. I bet not one of them had a test for covid to just make sure it wasnt.

SEE now people might shoot me down in flames but this is only MY OPINION right you are all entitled to your own.

BUT SEE I feel that the vaccination has been counter productive. WHY? i THINK people think they have been double or triple vaccinated and now invincible and wont get it. The trouble is you can and many are, so they ignore the symptoms as it cant be covid, then go off out spreading the DELTA variant all over the place.

stay with the programme. HANDS. FACE. SPACE and ventilate. Its not rocket science lol.


Ah, I saw a physiotherapist, not a doctor. The doctor (over the phone) had made an appointment for me with the physiotherapist the previous week and told me twice that the physio would telephone me - i.e. that it was a telephone appointment. I dutifully waited at home for the phone call. When no-one phoned I started to kill the time by checking the online appointment system - then discovered that the physio had been expecting me in the surgery and had put me down as a no-show! I got straight onto the surgery and he did later phone me, and made an in-person appointment for the following week!

I think he’s now made it very clear to the doctors that appointments to see him are in-person. Telephone calls for the initial appointment are not a lot of use! The physio is a new service at the practice, and I was one of his first patients, so they are still ironing out the procedure.

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