Covid Test!

Well…interesting! 10 days after having the covid vaccine (Astrazeneca) I now have a tight,scratchy/itchy throat and feel a bit stuffy up the nose plus have one sore eye.

MS being troublesome - or something is - with very stiff leg muscles, increased nerve pain etc. Anyway, our local authority is asking people to get a lab test if they have the less common covid symptoms, so I’m popping off later today to get one.

Wish me luck. If anyone can catch covid just after having the jab, it would be me. Had a hospital appt last week which is really the only place I went!

Hi Minnie

sorry that you have been left feeling so poorly after the vaccine.

The centre local to me was doing the Pfizer jab and I had the first one with no side effects at all.

the 2nd jab will be on 24th May.

10 days seems a long time to develop side effects and I really hope it’s not the covid virus.

Good luck with the lab test.

Hope it isn’t Covid but they do say you can still get it before the vaccine has chance to kick in.Good luck with the test!

Test result texted tonight - negative! So must have another virus causing sore throat etc. Wonder where I got it from?! Very quick processing time though for a lab test - done at midday, result back at 6.30pm, that’s impressive.

that’s wonderful news Minnie!

Back in the good old days (pre Covid) sore throats were quite commonplace.

Maybe it’s strep throat?

maybe gargling with Listerine could help?

I've been wondering the same thing.

My face can generate a lot of heat during a flush.

I have a medical appointment in a couple of weeks and plan on asking this question.

I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone here who happens to have an infrared thermometer.

Meanwhile I don't believe health officials in general, or anyone stationed at a post outside a building etc, will have a clue about flushing specifics as a disorder.

Transmission is through the airborne and contact routes