Covid vaccines

This afternoon I’m due my autumn Covid booster and flu jabs. The Covid vaccine will be my fifth. The first wiped me out completely. I use a wheelchair but can weight bear to transfer. Four hours after the vaccine my poor long suffering husband was lifting me every time. It took a couple of days to get back to my normal. The last two boosters have affected me similarly, I fell the day after both of them when transferring. I’ve seriously considered cancelling my appointment today, but if the vaccine does this to me I’m afraid catching Covid would be even worse. Thoughts anyone?

Hi, I’m not able to have the vaccine and I’ve just gone down with covid I’m still positive at the moment I seemed to fair better than family members who had the vaccine and then still caught covid I think their reaction to it was far more severe than mine It’s awful I wouldn’t recommend it but certainly for me no worse than any other virus You just have that fear factor because its covid and wonder how its going to affect you My husband wasn’t vaccinated he has a heart condition high blood pressure and blocked carotid arteries he also caught covid and was fine no problems I think most people would be fine problem is you just don’t know if you’re one of those unlucky people for whom its going to be a severe infection and I suppose there is just no way of telling

Hi I caught Covid before the vaccination program began and was very poorly (blue lighted into resus). I have had three vaccinations but have decided not to have the fourth as I have experienced severe reactions following all vaccinations. These included a very rapid heart beat for several months and the loss of core strength for 48 hours

Such a difficult decision to make but I am sticking with my decision unless Covid numbers rise substantially when I may have to reconsider.

I’ve had 4 vaccinations so far. Never had a single reaction to any of them, not even a sore arm. 5 weeks ago I caught Covid. The first couple of days I was so weak I spent them in bed. Then for about a week my balance was terrible I had to hold onto furniture, walls etc. Next week I have my 5th vaccination. For me having the vaccinations have been far better than catching Covid. I feel extremely lucky as I don’t know anyone else who has had zero reaction to the vaccinations. I’ve had the Pfizer one everytime.

Thank you all. I kept the appointment. Covid, one arm, flu the other. I’ve been absolutely fine so far. It was Pfizer this time, like the second which didn’t affect me much then. So it would seem for some reason Astra Zeneca and Moderna have affected me. I had a really good nights sleep last night too which is rare for me, so that was an unexpected bonus! However I’ve been cautious and tried not to do much, just in case the weakness experienced previously overtook me.

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Due to get mine (both flu & covid) now at 4pm so hey ho - have had a bit of a head cold but mainly cleared now - will mention to the nurse when I go in to see her - thankfully I haven’t had any reactions to them in the past, so fingers crossed