Thinking too much?

Tested positive for covid on Sunday. Presume that I’ve got omicron because just had a blocked nose. 5 days in and pretty much no significant symptom to speak of but still pretty anxious of deteriorating. Just being a drama Queen or good to stay alert?

Always good to stay alert. Mostly people with MS aren’t going to be any worse affected by Covid than the general population. The exception is those people on certain disease modifying drugs which reduce their immune system reactions (like Ocrevus). If you’re worried, contact your MS nurse.

Having MS means you count as particularly vulnerable. This means you can get access to anti-viral drugs. Talk to your nurse and get advice from him/her.


Hi, I’ve just come to the end of my covid stint. Not too bad as so many. I am thankful it was a mild case. Hopefully you wont worsen either.

Thanks for the replies guys, on day 6 now and still no real symptoms but still positive on lateral flows. Think I’m just overthinking because of the whole immunosuppressed nature of ms.

Hi. I took the full ten days to test negative despite having no symptoms by then, in fact it was all over by about day four. So don’t despair, it sounds like you’re over it! Glad it wasn’t too grim for you.

The thing about MS is that outside of taking specific drugs that suppress the immune system, we are not intrinsically immune suppressed.

MS is an autoimmune disease. This means that our immune system overreacts and attacks healthy tissue. In the case of MS, our myelin is attacked. (Myelin is the coating on our nerve fibres within the CNS - a bit like the plastic that covers electrical wires being eaten by a mouse!).

So typically, we manage to fight viruses quite well. The trouble is that sometimes our system goes haywire, fights the virus, then starts biting holes in our myelin. This could cause a new lesion and/or an MS relapse or worsening of symptoms.

So it’s not surprising that many of us fight off Covid well, we just need to keep an eye on our MS symptoms thereafter.

Hopefully all is well for you all now.


I tested on my release date, but negative after that.

You are not at all a drama Queen. It’s better to stay alert rather than be careless. When I got my positive test, I stayed at home all the time. Read all recommendations on how to overcome the virus in the easiest way. Also, watched TV, favourite TV shows and sports, (finally installed a convenient app after having read the guidelines on https://www.firе, read books and didn’t let myself think negatively or be anxious. I know it’s hard, but think positively! It’s all be ok!

i tested positive last thursday and i started with blocked nose,sore throat,bad cough,temperature,loss of sense of smell,i am on day 5 and feel better than i did at start but still quit unwell,my ms goes quiet when i have a virus,then i will have a relapse around 6 week after virus partner brought it home to me i have isolted for past 2 year.

Hi , I truly hope you feel better soon.
Take care.

It is clear that you are worried and it is normal. But please don’t worry too much about it because it won’t change anything. It is better to act, but do not panic because it has a bad effect on your health and immune system too. When I was tested positive, at this time I received timely vitamins from CanadaDrugs. I drank a lot of hot tea, ate more fruit and drank this vitamins. Fortunately, I missed the deterioration. I wish you the same. I think you will be fine, hold on!

Hello, AAJM. How are you now? Have you had any other symptoms besides blocked nose? How are you feeling?

Hey, I’m perfectly fine now, was still testing positive until about day 12 albeit faintly. Still got a blocked nose but I usually always have one in winter so I’m not too bothered by that. Other than that, no symptoms at all thankfully.