Covid positive, offered medicine by NHS

Hi, after 2 and a half years free of Covid, it got me. So I had this pcr test delivered to me many moons ago for if I thought it was Covid, so I sent it off. NHS have called to say I’m applicable for a Covid drug due to been in the high risk category. Has anyone else had this?


Yes I had it through a drip a few weeks ago, no problem whatsoever.

Hope this helps, take care.

Pam x


Thanks Pam. Take care xx

Yes, recently. I had the anti-viral infusion. Of course, I don’t know what would have happened without it (and I wasn’t very sick in the first place), but I have made a good recovery from Covid and am now back to my normal.

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I was having what I thought was a very bad relapse (the worse since diagnosis 5 years ago). Then my wife started to feel ill and it turned out we both had COVID! Doctor was reluctant to prescribe claiming that I was coping with the COVID anyway and the possible side effects. My only concern was to stop the infection in its tracks and the infusion has remarkably few side effects. Anyway no problems whatsoever and pseudo relapse on its way out. Just need to get over the weeks inactivity in this heat.

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I had an infusion around Easter time after I caught covid on holiday. No problems at all with infusion and I wasn’t very I’ll at all - no fever just a mild cough and a bit of fatigue.

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Hi Cath

Yes I did send a reply but somehow it doesn’t get through, hope this one does.

I’m about as good as it gets with MS wish the fatigue would go away and take the pain with it. You really have me so much confidence in trying ISC and although I still have to use the mirror I am managing it, so thank you.

Hope you’re ok and your daughter doing good, take care.

Pam x

Thanks Moirah, good to know