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Hi everyone

Hope you’re all doing as well as can be.

Just a question please has anyone had to take the anti viral meds for COVID, and if so, can you please advise me of both good and bad things.

Unfortunately I have tested positive and am immune suppressant and have been referred to the main place for this area.

What a bummer!

Pam x

Hi Pam
Indeed! What a bummer!
I got covid just over 3 weeks ago and had antivirals. I was given the choice of 3 different ones: 2 tablets one of which was 35% effective at stopping hospitalisation and the other 85%. The third choice was an infusion which was 85%. As the pills had to be taken over 5 days and the infusion was done in a couple of hours, I opted for the infusion. I had no side effects and no complications. I did get a bit of covid fatigue later but I haven’t taken to my bed and am feeling much better now.
Hope this helps and best of luck with whatever you decide.

Hi Moirah

Thank you so much your reply is really informative.

Pam x

Hello Pam,

Hope Covid hasn’t hit you badly.

I had Covid a few weeks ago, reported the test result around 1800 on Tuesday, got two calls from the NHS on Wednesday by around mid-day.

Because of other meds I take the tablets were not suitable for me so ended up having the infusion on the Thursday. Took 30 mins for the infusion and had to stay for about another 30 mins for them to check I wasn’t having any reaction. Then went home.

No side effects from the infusion, apart from a small bruise where the needle had been in but then I bruise easily, and within a few days I was starting to feel a lot better.

Good luck.


Hi MS2017

Thank you for replying I am the same as you have to get the infusion.

Just waiting to be told when. Glad if went well for you as well as Moirah.

Pam x


Had the infusion all absolutely fine, so if anyone else has to have it done I hope this gives you some reassurance.

They are trialling it in Gloucestershire where I live, doing it by two lovely nurses coming to your home, instead of going into hospital for the infusion. I found it a lot better being in your own environment.

Pam x