Just testing to see if iPad smileys work on here…

B u g g e r ! Well was worth a try… Hope you all doing ok? Lot of love to all, Pat x

Pat they work on this tablet, sorry dont know what to suggest to make them work for you.

Pam x

Weird isn’t it…same on mine! Nina x

I you with or without smileys, take care, be safe M

Thank you M. Love you too and your message has made my day, Pat X

Ok, where are the ipad smilies ? Xx

[quote=“Tilly 2”] Ok, where are the ipad smilies ? Xx [/quote] Hi Tilly, to get iPad smileys (though they don’t work on here): Go to settings Click on general Click on keyboard Go down to and click on ENOji … That’s it done. Now on your keyboard you will have a globe button at bottom left side For smileys just click on that globe button To get back to normal keyboard click on globe again Thanks to Nina for telling me how to do that. Pat x