Acer tablet

Hi Guys

Before Christmas, I could use the smiley facility on my tablet. Since coming back on, they have taken a hike.

Any ideas??


Very much doubt it’s you/the tablet Blossom.

If everything that didn’t work on this forum was down to your tablet, you should have got your money back ages ago!

I don’t think I can do smileys from a tablet (iPad), either. It’s been a “known issue” for a long time. Not sure if I ever briefly could, before it went again, but I probably haven’t bothered trying, as I’m not a big user of it anyway (smileys OR the tablet).

But don’t assume broken things on this site are always you. If things seem to work normally every other site you visit, it’s unlikely to be anything you can fix yourself.

I’ve got a strange error message on my iPad, since the site outage yesterday. It doesn’t seem to stop me doing anything - it’s just a strange error message. Got used to ignoring these “features” now.



Hi Tina

Yes, you are probably right. I was just happy that my tablet could use the smiley facility…like to use them you know