As I’m stuck in bed at min I’ve had more time to visit the site. But, I would like to find out why I can’t post smiley faces and things. I’m using an ipad. Would this be the reason? Help needed guys as I’m getting quite jealous! :wink: xx

Not sure about your ipad…but just above where I’m typing this is a little smiley face, if I click on it I have the choice of which smiley to use Hope you’re able to get up soon

Rosina x

I understood from your recent post about error messages you had been copying and pasting with smilies and that was why you were getting the error message. You should be able to use smilies in a post that you haven’t copied and pasted…if any of that makes sense

Jan x


sorry I don’t know the answer to the smilies! I use my laptop and don’t have any problems using them.

Just wanted to say how much I love your user name, my three girls call me Mamma Bear.

Freckles x

Hi guys. We’ll talk about stupid. Yep I am officially stupid. I see the smilies now lol. What a plonker. no Jan was trying to do it from emoji keyboard but have got it now. Still lol. Hi freckles my nickname is one my girls gave me. So we can be twins!

oooooo yes go Glynnis, go Glynnis. I’m de girl (wishful thinking) heehee.

Thanks guys

Glynnis xx