Steph testing with G

Hello, please ignore this. I’m testing some things.

Steph (admin)

I am still testing things.

And testing now too

I still have testing to do

Are you testing for my Smiley’s lol ​


Not this time Blossom … although I did some searching around for known problems with tablets and smileys and have drawn a blank so far. I will let you know if I come across anything!

Blossom, I think I’ve found a way for you to get smileys back. In your menu, there should be the option to ‘view your site as desktop version’. This makes everything look as it does on you pc/laptop including smiley options. However it does make it a little more clunky to use. It does on my phone, but hopefully it is easier on a larger tablet screen.

I’m still testing by the way, but now I have become side tracked

Steph (admin)

Thank you for that Steph…you are great

Sorry for distracting you…not really lol

Sorry to interrupt AGAIN Steph. This is me doing smileys on my tablet

I have switched back from Chrome browser to google

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Wahoo! This is good news Blossom… although that means I didn’t help in the end and there I was feeling all smug

Oh you did Steph because you got this rusty brain of my in gear. I started thinking what I had done different to my tablet since I had last been on the forum. It occurred to me I had switched to Chrome.

Great minds and all that, so thank you

Well that’s good. Glad you got to the bottom of it.