Be lovely if any of you ever fancy going over to the everyday living thread and sharing a Christmas message on the ’ Christmas avatar challenge’ post. Avatar not compulsory!! Lol. No pressure…you have until Christmas day. Just an hello will do. Thank you x


Hmmmmmmmmmm a Christmas Avatar



I’ll love yah forever if yah do Don…not that I’m begging. Well! I am really xx

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I’ll come up with something!

Pat xx


Aww, thank you pat xx

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I have done my Avitar

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Loving the avatar Don, I don’t know how to do these things. I have tried following instructions but I still haven’t managed yet.

I am using a mini I pad I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Maga xx

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I am not good at doing things on my tablet, so you will have to pretend my avatar is a Christmas one.

I enjoy looking at them though, so keep them coming guys.

Pam x

Hi Pam,

I will imagine your meerkat with a Santa hat if you imagine a robin sitting on a snowy twig for me.

Mags xx

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hi ill put one on later

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Here’s Wol enjoying the snow.

Just don’t eat the yellow stuff!

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I’ve given in.


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Deal Mags.

Pam x

I’ve commented on the Christmas link Don and thanked you. I knows mi manners yah no, am frum yorkshire

As promised, I now love yah forever

Hi, would love to tAke part. How do I set up an avatar.


I don’t know how either

Pauline xx

I copied these instruction off PolarBear, I haven’t tried yet. Jan x

Sent from my iPadPolar Bear

How to change avatar/put one in

I use an app called “simple resize” download that, are you on mobile, ipad or computer? This is how I do it on ipad…

On google, I type in “whatever image you like…so I did, winter scenes or funny Christmas avatars”

So you save image, then open up “simple resize app” download the new image you want to resize. Then slide the bar to under 400 x 400 and then save image, then go back on to your ms homepage, click on delete your avatar and upload your new sized picture and remember to SAVE.

I hope this makes sense!

Happy Avatar Searching

Try to find a nice simple image which says something about you, or is just something you like. Most photo viewing applications have simple editing facilities . You might want to crop the picture down to the bit you want; do that before you resize, and try to make the cropped bit as close to a square as possible. You may be able to see something which is telling you the dimensions of your cropped picture, the numbers change as you move the sides or the top and bottom in and out. Don’t worry if it isn’t yet 80 x 80. That’s the next bit.

So now resize the picture down to 80 x 80 pixels. Try to make sure you are viewing the resized image at normal size, 1:1. It should be the same size as all the other avatars that appear on the forum now. If it isn’t, you may be viewing it zoomed-in or zoomed-out, i.e. enlarged (2:1 or more) or shrunk.

You may find that the detail is lost because you have had to shrink it so much to get to 80 x 80. So maybe that wasn’t the best pic to choose. Nice and simple does it!

When you have it how you want it, save it. Try to save it as .gif file. That reduces the size of the file. The easiest thing to do is to save it to your desktop. Then when you come to upload it to the forum, you know where it is right away.

To upload, open your home page (click on ‘Welcome Back [your name]’ at the top right hand of the forum. Click on ‘My Public Profile’. Find the ‘profile picture’ panel, browse to your desktop and find your picture, and click upload. Voila!

Happy to help if you PM me.


I don’t know if this is any help but I have never had to resize my avatar pics. So basicly picks ones that look the size of mine lol. If I’ve added to your confusion-sorry


The suggestion works well Janhhh, I used the app on my iPad and it resizes images from anywhere which is how I got my Scrooge avatar, freshly nicked off of google images, but don’t tell anyone.


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