It’s been brought to my attention, that some of you have not joined the Christmas avatar thread

Now you don’t have to have a special Christmas avatar, just a nice jolly seasonal message will do. If you could do this, we the guys on the Christmas thread would be ever so grateful.

It is a very happy thread and may even cheer you up a little bit

If you read some of the comments back from the beginning, they are even funnier now because we’ve change our avatars that much, it’s all out of context.

So!!! pretty please, give some thought to contributing to the thread.

I hereby declare this my final begging letter

Thank you xx

Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la. Fill the meadcup, drain the barrel, Fa la la la la la la la


And so say all of us!!!

Thanks Blossom, not really going thro a good time at the minute (are any of us really) This thread has really kept me going and made me hunt for jokes (even tho a lot are really groan worthy), taken my mind off things. As they say in my part of the world, Cheers chick!!

Sorry to hear that cherrylips. Hope things improve for you soon.



Anything for a chuckle.

Come on everyone. Lets see if we can hit the 1000 by Christmas day.


On Noreen’s orginal Christmas Avatar post that is.