Glad tidings!!!

Hi all,

hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Thankyou all for all your support to me and others over the last year!!

have a good one

louise xxx


hi louise

happy christmas to you and yours too!

let’s have a brilliant new year, we need it.

carole x

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Ah that’s lovely!! Thankyou

I was not allowed to title this thread “happy Christmas” !?!?!?

had to go for glad tidings they would not let me post it unless changed

have a great Christmas everyone xxx

A Merry Christmas to everyone xxx

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A very very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Peaceful Solstice, Cool Yule etc. etc. etc…Whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:

Enjoy, don’t stress if you can help it, be nice.

Peace and love (I sound like a hippie!)

Juls xxxxxx

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Thank you, and to all of you, whatever variety you are xx

And a good one to you - Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or whatever you celebrate. The important date for me has already gone - as an atheist/pagan type, Solstice is more important than Christmas, when the light starts coming back… new beginnings etc. However, it’s a good excuse to have some time off work, eat lots of nice stuff, and have fire, food, and lights to brighten up the dark times. Best to everyone and hope it goes well for you in 2018!


Yea merry Christmas to all and a guid prosperous happy new year drink in hand slainte

Wishing everyone on the board, a peaceful Christmas and a happy & healthy 2018. Lots of love, Moira

merry christmas and slainte to all! ellie

Wishing everyone on the forum a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy 2018!

Sue x