test results

I went to my doctors today to put in my repeat perscription and i asked them by chance if my lumbar results where in and they said yes they got them today, could i make a appointment and ask my doc for results or have i got to wait for my neuro appointment?

mel x

It’s entirely up to you. Your GP will be able to give you the result, but may not be willing to discuss what it means with you. So I guess it depends how happy you will be to draw your own conclusions from the results until you see the neuro.

If it were me, I’d want to know now! but we’re all different :slight_smile:

Karen x

I just wanna know if its possitive or negative, because i am getting myself in a state and its making me ill.

I think i will be able to be more relaxed then


mel x


My GP told me when I went to see him. I never considered waiting until I saw the Neuro, as like you, I wanted to know. Mine was positive and for some reason, I just wasn’t expecting it to be, so I was quite stunned. I’m glad I found out from my GP, as he was more sympathetic and talked to me for ages about it and made sure I fully understood.

Fizzy x