Terrifying experience yesterday, not diagnosed.

Hello all again,

As the title sums it up, yesterday I got up as usual, school run, had breakfast, had a good night’s sleep and around about 1pm I started to feel whoozy and nauseated, then the pins and needles ran through my whole body, my feet and hands were mostly tingling, I went numb from the waist and around my chin area. I couldn’t walk because I was trembling that much, couldn’t use my phone because my hands were severely tingling and shaking. I was also breathless, I went to the hospital a and e because it really terrified me. Anyway I was in there 9 hours in total, had bloods done, ecg done ect everything came back normal, they even mentioned my recent brain mri was clear apart from my sinuses are inflammatory which I knew but I have been waiting for my doctor to discuss these results with me tomorrow after waiting nearly 3 weeks. So they sent me home. Just a back story, 7 years of chronic pins and needles in my feet, foot drop, twitches and numbness. I just don’t know what else they can test for. Does a clear mri rule out Ms? Does anyone have an experience similar to what I went through yesterday? I am still shook up about it. I am OK today, legs still feel wobbly but I feel OK. Sorry for the long post.

That does sound frightening for you! Can I ask have you had an MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine? Just asking because most although not all of my symptoms are below the chest area and my lesions at diagnosis were only on my spinal cord. If not, I would be pushing for that, I think, in your situation.

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Thank you for responding. I have only had a brain mri scan, nerve conduction test and bloods done. Yeah I think I am going to ask for a spine mri because all my symptoms are in my feet and legs mainly. I have never had the experience before, it was definitely terrifying. Thank you.

Hello Kim, I had a similar experience and it so scary, the dr at A&E could only assure me nothing was going to happen imminently. I would definitely get an mri (with contrast) brain & spine. Ms presents in so many ways to each person. I have no original bands in Csf, but unfortunately have MS. Take care and try to remember symptoms maybe scary and haywire, but they do generally settle.

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Thank you for your reply. Did you have a clear brain mri first? I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis! I spoke to my doctor yesterday, he has referred me to a neurologist, he thought it could of been Ms but because I don’t have any lesions in my brain, he thinks not but he wants an opinion from a neurologist. My mri was without contrast. It is just a waiting game now again.

Hi Kim90

Can I ask what results you got from your nerve conduction test? I had one done last week and it intensified the pins and needles and tingling so much afterwards. Just wondering what your experience was like?

Thanks :blush:

Hello, my nerve conduction test came back normal, but it did intensify my pins and needles, I had a numb left foot for a few weeks which was unusual as it has always been my right foot. Just waiting for an appointment with the neurologist now. Have you had any other tests? Sorry I am not aware If you have been diagnosed yet.

Hi Kim90

I am undiagnosed. I have had bloods done and the nerve conduction test. Going for MRI on my thoracic and lumber spine also. I had a brain and cervical spine MRI in June for constant daily headaches and they came back as normal but my symptoms have definitely escalated since then.