Tearful, short fuse and agression again...

Uggghhh. Sorry about the whinge again, but honestly, I am sure I am losing the plot I wrote in June about my aggressive behaviour which went away. Now it is back, but with added tears. I seriously do not feel depressed, but wonder if this is going to be a recurring problem. My doctor and neuro were both puzzled by it last time so I really don’t think there is any point going back to see either. Just wondering if anyone else goes through periods of this.? I almost feel like I should carry a warning or develop some manical laugh to go with the behaviour as it is soooo weird and unlike me! Perhaps I should just embrace my new alter ego and give her a name :slight_smile:

I too had bouts of agressive behaviour, that was the year b4 being dx, I swear once in B&Q car park I confronted a white van man for parking too close to our car, making it arkward for me getting out, then in the store had a go at another man, my hubby had a heart to heart with me about it, at the time we didn’t know what was wrong, my hubby thought work was getting to much for me, then low and behold 6mths later had my first bad relaspe, then DX, I now feel it was down to this, I just hope and pray it doesn’t return, take care, and just try to stay calm, not easy but try, Luv Jean x

I don’t have anything to offer other than to say please don’t ignore it. I think your GP does need to know (again!) about these mood disturbances that are clearly weird, troubling and horrible for you. It is just a completely horrible feeling, not being able to control how one is behaving, whether it’s tears, anger or whatever. This does not sound like something that is amenable to mind over matter! You didn’t think your way into this situation, so you can’t expect yourself to think your way out of it. I hope you can get the GP to take you seriously and try to help.



i always get paranoid, very tearful and very angry,just before,and when i am going through a relapse,and when i told the neuro, all he said was. 'we dont expect that to happen again ’ ???

I am with Alison…it is a recurring problem for you.

At the moment they may be unable to identify a cause or a trigger but the gp needs to have it recorded as a pattern may develop that can help in diagnosis.

Are you keeping a diary yourself ? I would seriously consider keeping a detailed one,including what your eating,what the weather is like,domestic everyday situations,your monthly cycle…everything really.You may see something emerging that triggers a small response but that that the festers and gets blown out of all proportion.

Out of personal curiosity as you see this behaviour as a different person that you obviously dont like, what would be the entries in the diary from that personality about how you truely feel,not the reined in trying to behave normally real you?

If your gp wont help then I would definately be asking the neuro again.

Please take care,and I dont know if you have family but if you do ask them to help you through this difficult time again as it must be quite frighteneing to not feel in control.


Hi Amanda, I too get this, have mentioned it to the Consultant previously and just puts it down to “anxiety”, well hey yeah course I’m anxious, got this alien all through my body and in my brain controlling ME day in day out. Have now been prescribed Pregabalin, was on amitriptyline, which just spaced me out. It doesnt really stop me being anxious and wound up, when hubby comes home from work, if he’s 20 mins later than he said, well then he gets it, full on rant and rave… I tell him dont want to be like that, but cant help it…

Would definitely recommend talking to someone, GP or a counsellor, i’ve been having counselling now for last 3 months and it has helped me in respect of thinking about things before they happen and trying not to open my mouth with words that I dont really mean or want to say. Menstrual times are definiteyl worse…Hope you work things out, but get help x

Hi Amanda, what drugs if any are you on? Please don’t hit me,but are ‘Womanly things’ an issue?


I think it’s part of having ms, I frequently feel angry and snappy about things I know are irrelevant and have no reason to get so annoyed over it.

It must be wrong signals in the brain somehow, we get lesions on our brains and swelling so I just presume it causes irrational behaviour.

I try real hard to consider why I am angry whenever I am, who is to blame and do I really want to express that anger before I do. Often the answer is no, I’m not perfect at it, but I am learning not to trust my feelings without considering their reasoning now. I guess you could say it’s unhealthy to bottle it up but I think it’s unhelpful to express anger at those you love or even people who have no clue about your difficulties. It’s not their fault, so shouting at them won’t solve your problem.

It could also be impotent frustration, we are ill and there is nothing that can be done, we could be very pissed off that we can’t get better and any excuse to show that anger might be a good excuse, at least if we act on instinct.