Sudden uncontrollable crying

Hi Just after some advice please.

driving to work this morning I suddenly burst into tears for no reason at all. By the time I got to office I was sobbing uncontrollably. Lasted about half an hour altogether. It happened to a lesser degree last year when I had my last relapse. I wondered if it a relapse? I have worsening of my milder symptoms, hiccups, difficulty swallowing food and overwhelming tiredness. Ringing my GP on Thursday as its her phone appointment day. Am I wasting her time for a small blip??? Or am I doing my usual play down of symptoms???

Just realised this is 3rd symptom post this week! Thanks

Hi JoanneR, I have ppms therefore meant to be without relapses but I can identify with the sudden uncontrollable crying episodes, I had 2 of these whilst at work with knowhere to hide and needed to leave immediately. I was taken straight to the DR’s I just couldn’t explain why! He summised it to stress and complete fatigue & signed me off sick for 3 months. Looking back I was living and breathing responsibility my mind and body couldn’t deal with.

Be kind to yourself see your gp. I hope you feel better soon.

Pauline xx

Hi Joanne

I don’t know whether or not you’re having a relapse, but you’re definite NOT wasting your GP’s time by speaking to her about this. Make sure you have your 'phone appointment and don’t play down your symptoms… I find it helps to write down some bullet points of what I want to say beforehand.

Hope you get the help and support you need, and feel better soon.


H x

hi joanne

i did a course of iv steroids and the week after i cried buckets!!

when i wasn’t having crying fits for no reason, i would have giggling fits fot no reason.

i also felt a lot of anger and did a lot of shouting at my hubby.

i went to my gp because i started worrying about my mental health.

doc gave me an anti depressant and explained how the after effects of the high dose steroids were affecting me.

since then i have accepted that crying is just another symptom and these days the crying isn’t too severe.

the lady in the paper shop warns me if there is a particularly upsetting news story and then i only read it when i’m in a private place with a cuppa and a box of tissues!

carole x


emotional lability-its hell and caused by plaque on ur emotions area on brain. laughing crying at any time-u have no control over it but u can have some control over your reaction. i have coped with this for nearly 3 yrs-its copeable with some effort and understanding.

ellie who has laughed uncontrollaby at police in the street (and wasnt arrested!)

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Thank you so much. It’s embarrassing enough when I stagger like a drunk I found that using my crutch, which I have for my inflammatory arthritis has helped me look more NORMAL. This is something I can’t have a crutch for! Thankfully I work with a small team and they have lived through the symptoms with me. I am worrying about it happening when I am with the volunteers. They have low enough self esteem as it is!

all your advice has been invaluable and I AM going to speak to GP and I am not going to play down the symptoms. Besides my husband is very worried and I can’t live with my head in the sand forever! Many thanks again xxx

Hello everyone

I’ve got SPMS and liable to mood swings especially when I am stressed and do something really stupid. Its then I’m quite likely to break down in fits of tears. Its all very embarrassing, I’m a 60 year old bloke, while it lasts then it goes away as quickly as it started. I blame myself as well as the MS.

The event or accident is usually something really stupid that happens to me, like falling over or dropping and breaking a cup when unloading the dishwasher.

I don’t think it is the same as yours JoanneR. MS does strange things, some people seem to think it as attention seeking, if only…


No, you’re not. You are living under the (major!) strain of ominously grumbling MS activity - this is on top of the constant level of stress of having MS in the first place. It isn’t the most enormous surprise in the world if you find yourself without warning blubbing on your way to work, although I think that the tears are more likely to be a perfectly healthy and normal emotional response to stimulus, rather than the MS working mechanically on your emotions.

I hope that you have a good chat with the GP. I really hope that all this doesn’t boil up into a relapse. Sometimes things grumble a bit and then fade without coming to much, so fingers crossed that this happens for you.



Whilst I wouldn’t discount a visit to the GP, this shouts out to me that its the common MS Symptom, formerly known as ‘the pseudobulbar effect’, subsequently renamed ‘emotional lability’ but these days simply called ‘emtionalism’.

Guilty as charged myself as if happens - right out of the blue when I can be carrying on with my day, this hits me. Because I know what it is, I allow myself to cry, but if it did continue I would see a GP.


Many thanks everyone. From your advice I decided to take my lovely neurologists offer of a chat anytime and I rung her yesterday. She is going to look into it. As far as she is aware it’s very rare and does not happen when you have RRMS but she is going to check. She did say that even if I think my mental health is good I have gone through a lot and it could be a reaction to it all. I do hope so. It was so frightening! My mind was happy but tears and sobbing said otherwise! I have inflammatory arthritis and the MS is causing flares with that too! So I am taking care of myself, cutting some slack and bought myself some red roses today! Many thanks again for all your support it has been very reassuring!


Very interesting post. I suppose it makes sense, the MS is either coming and going or constantly coming either case, it’s there! I am going to keep an eye on this and pay more attention next time it happens, if it happens again…which I hope not!

I have always been a bit of a robot, I am seen to have no emotions but I work with mental health service users and if I burst into tears every horrid story I hear I could never have done my job…thoughts prior to MS. So this new symptom or depression, or whatever is a 180 degree turn round from the person I was. Now that is scary! I am making an appointment with GP if it is depression I want something for it! I am a mental health first Aider and I train people how to support someone who is depressed suicidal or anxious and at this moment the only thing that’s upsetting me is this.

I am glad I am not alone going through these excessive emotions…what ever the reason for it! It’s certainly given me some food for thought. I’m also glad people are happy to talk about it, very sensitive topic.

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Hi The crying was the start of a relapse. By the weekend tiredness had started and for a few days pins and needles down left side from cheek to toes. Which then changed into new areas of numbness. Starting to feel semi normal now although I started giggling through some training (I’m the the trainer) thankfully my colleague was talking and I was able to quickly put my hand over my mouth and change my facial expression to reflect the serious discussion! Great a new symptom…a very giving illness don’t you think! Seeing gp in a week to talk through it. Thanks for your support through a scary period xx