I can't stop crying

…is this depression?

Crying a lot can be a sign of a low mood - kind of depends what is happening in your life - is there a reason for the sadness?

Go and have a talk to your GP/nurse or ring the MS Society helpline if you can’t face it just yet.

Keep talking to us here as well, we have all been there or somewhere similar.

Hope things get better for you soon x

I agree, you need to see your gp. They have questions that will assess whether it is or isn’t depression and if it is get you help. MS is a big factor in depression and there’s no shame in it. If you read up posts from others you’ll see it’s common and many of us, myself included take anti depressants. It’s definitely improved my quality of life. You might not have it but isn’t it worth finding out?

Min x

i agree with the others about anti depressants, theres no shame because ms is enough to make anyone need anti d’s

also have you recently been on steroids?

they mess about with your emotions.

you may have a lesion on the part of the brain responsible for emotions.

good luck

carole x

oh and get some balsam tissues because you’ll have a sore nose with all that crying

Hi there,

I’m sorry you’re feeling so blue, have a look at this it might answer a couple if questions for you and remember the helpline number ( at the bottom of the page) Also everyone here is there to support as much as we can.

Take care


Sorry you’re feeling so down. Is there something in particular that sparked this sadness or has it just built up? You may well benefit from some counselling and/or anti-depressants so please seek advice from your doctor or nurse.


Tracey x

Hi clp. Are you feeling sad while crying? I ask because there is something called pseudobulbar affect that is characterised by uncontrollable crying and/or laughing. I have found myself with tears pouring down my face while not feeling sad or down (it’s happened at work a couple of times which was rather embarrassing). And I reacted to my neuro telling me I had inflammation of my brain by laughing hysterically. Very odd.

Could it be PBA or emotional lability? Do you actually feel sad or depressed?