anti depressant

Hi, just wondered if anyone could advise on any anti depressants they have tried, I think I need some help. I started crying last week and can’t stop. Just feel that I can’t face this illness and that its bad enough now after 1 relapse and that its only going to get worse, my life has completly changed and is very limited.I’m very negative regarding the future and feel like there’s no hope or joy.I have 3 wonderful children and a lovely husband and I just see that I’m going to be a burden to them and I’m so scared. We have dealt with our oldest son being I’ll for years as he needed home ventilation for years and I coped why can’t I when it comes to me. X

hi zoe

i went through the mother of crying jags after a 3 day course of iv steroids.

my gp prescribed citalopram just before i was diagnosed. they are very good at taking the edge off the miseries.

you should see your gp - he/she may prescribe anti depressants and maybe suggest counselling.

a lot of people on these boards have rresponded well to CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy)

you are very aware of the good things in your life (ie family) and i’m sure that with a bit of help you’ll pull through.

meanwhile try consciously looking for something to smile about.

you will notice that there is a lot. even if you smile whilst crying its a step forward.

you are not alone so here are some (((((hugs)))))

carole x

Go to drs and discuss it with them. I am on anti d as well -at work and can’t remember name but they take the edge off.

Think I am going through the menopause so am quite tearful which probably irritates me more than anything else lol

I do get down moments but I work in care sector and try to put it into perspective my MS could be worse and to a certain extent could have had a worse dx -also work with MND folk and thats a b*****d of a illness!

As for the future I tend to think I could be in a wheelchair tomorrow or be same as now for next 30 yrs so no point in worrying about it and giving myself an ulcer to add to problems

I also have a warped sense of humour which probably helps!

Try to focus on what good things you have got now not what you may have in future. Enjoy your kids friend family.

It will drive you nuts if you keep thinking of the what ifs.

Not saying ignore the MS and bulldoze ahead oblivious of thing (tho if that works for you) I mean like when we decorated the bathroom got a larger.showertray etc to account for the fact it would be better IF I go off my legs but I didn’t get too caught up in it if you know what I mean otherwise woulod spend 5000 on a wet room may never need…

See if your drs got a counselling service or vent on here cos sometimes thats all we need is an ear to listen.Take any help that is offered

Also don’t beat yourself up about feeling scared etc you have a life changing illness you are entitled to these feelings. Would just be wary of wallowing in it too much as I don’t think its healthy- been there done that one!lol!

ive tried a few over the years, prozac, setraline, ctialopram which were all ssri’s, the dr finally realised that those group dont work, so now im on duloxetine which doubles as a painkiller, this is in the snri group of antideppresants which are finally helping

l take 25mg Amitryptiline at night. Which seems to be popular with people with ms. Also l am on LDN - which l feel so much better on. lt makes me feel more positive - less fatigue and brighter ‘brain power’. St John’s Wort works well for most - especially through the winter. High dose vitamin d3 and magnesium is essential for us with ms. Hope you find something that makes you feel more your old self.

Hi Zoe After being diagnosed with acute anxiety and severe depression, I attacked it with a two pronged attack which has helped hugely. 30mg amytriptyline and CBT counselling which gave me an opportunity, once a week to vent, cry, blabber to someone objective and non judgemental. Xx

Hi Zoe, I take 25g amitriptyline at night and prozac in the morning. I have also started cbt which will hopefully help with my anxiety. I’ve been on the Prozac for about 7 months and a few weeks ago decided that as I was feeling a bit better I’d stop taking them. After about 4 days I started crying and didn’t stop. I promptly started taking them again and am no longer crying all day. Ask for help, struggling to cope is unnecessary, good luck. Deb