counselling and anti depressants?

Afternoon all, Just wondered if you could help…I was dx in Feb and up until now have felt that I was dealing o.k with everything. The past 2/3 weeks have been a different story…I have been a complete moody cow, mood swings have been awful and feeling like I could cry at the drop of a hat. I have an appointment with my G.P tomorrow to discuss critical illness claim as well as being refered to dietician…really need to lose a lot of weight…but am also considering asking to see someone to talk things through with and maybe thinking of medication to lift my mood. Has anyone else had counselling and/or antidepressants and has it helped? I feel sorry for my poor husband having to deal with me at the moment…although he does need a bomb up his behind!! :0) and why does pressing enter not move the cursor to the next line anymore??? lol

Hi Emya

I have had counselling a few times for different things and like you i was dx in Feb. I am waiting to see a clinical psychologist whom i was reffered to by my MS nurse. It was her suggestion as the phycologist is specially trained in dealing with people who have had to face a diagnosis of a long-term health condition. Might be worth speaking to your nurse about whether there is a simmilar thing in your area? I do think it depends on how much you are willing to open up and the chemistry between counsellor and client as to how succesful you will find it. I am actually thinking of doing a counselling degree soon (once i have my head together!) as i have been so moved by the help i have recieved (might need to work on my waffleing a bit! lol)

I had anti-depressants a few times too…didn’t like them, but thats not to say they won’t work well for you. Maybe speak to the GP see what they suggest, might be worth trying the counselling first? Hope whatever you decide on you see some improvment soon.

Laura x

Hi Yes, I had counselling…even though I was sceptical ! Would recommend it. I found it very useful even if it was just to rant and cry once a week. Xx

Thanks both…have asked about a psychologist, my MS team are in process of appointing…later this month but there will be a very long waiting list when they take up post. Will try the counselling…may help with the weight loss too! xx Laura, as u were dx around the same time- hope you dont mind me asking but have you decided to start treatment- interferons? and what didn’t you like about the anti depressants? xx

No i don’t mind. Yes i have been offered the DMD’s and chose rebif. I did think long and hard about it, but decided if there are drugs to help then what have i got to lose? I am waiting to see my nurse to get the paperwork started about funding - might take a while!How about you, have you manged to decide?

I didn’t like the feelingthe Anti-d’s gave me - felt i was just watching my life - not living it, if that makes sense! But again might not be the same for you and could of been the type i was on, also had not really dealt with the cause of depression at that point and wasn’t ready too either, so it was pretty doomed from the start!

If there is a long wait for the psychologist (is here too) then yes ask GP about counselling there are usually local charities or organisations that offer counselling at a reasonable price. Good Luck x

thanks for that Laura, I have decided not to have drugs at the moment as i think the side effects would be worse than what i am experience with M.S but I have to admit, I keep wondering if i am making a mistake. Will see what my lovely Dr has to say tomorrow…may be a long consultation!! xx

I got in a bit of a flap about it all, but all you can do is what you think is best for you. Good luck x

Hiya Just wanted to chime in with my experience. I am currently taking anti depressants and to be honest I don’t think I could cope with this illness without them. The doctors have tried to take me off them but I’ve just ended up tearful and moody and not at all able to cope. That’s not to say you should definitely take them yourself, it’s a very personal decision. But they have really helped in my personal experience. I’ve also had congnitive behavioural therapy which was great at boosting my self esteem and getting me back on track after a very difficult relapse. However, I do think that I definitely needed the medication alongside the therapy. That’s just my two cents but good luck with whatever you decide. Lisa xx