uncontrollable crying


Does anyone out there suffer from uncontrollable crying that is not linked to how they are feeling (pseudobulbar)?

What are your coping stratagies? Have you had any advice from your MS team? Are you on any medication?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Ellie. I hadnt heard of pseudobulbar, so googled it.

My, what I read shocked me a bit. It seems it`s caused by a neurological condition and isnt the fault of the person affected. It can vary from crying uncontrolably, at what we would usually just sigh about, or laughing when we would otherwise not laugh about something.

There is a drug to help combat it, called neurodexta. Have you seen your GP or neuro about it?

it sounds terribly draining love, so i hope you can get some relief.

luv Pollx

I was telling poll about this las week. Me, I laugh my pants off for no reason at all. Or I start crying when I don’t even feel sad or upse. The làughing drives my hubby nuts. Neuro just said… oh that’s your ms. I just brush it to one side.

Yes my neuro asked if I suffered from these symptoms and said to not be surprised if it happens to me. I did initially find myself crying for no reason or laughing more than I should at ordinary things but not lately. Maybe it’s related to where the lesions are, although I don’t know. Often wondered. Hope you find some answers to help. Sorry I can’t really offer any advice just hug for the crying moments : ). Mish x

Hi Lynn, when you told me about your laughter at sad things (Lady D was mentioned), I didnt know what to say really.

But now that I`ve read up on the subject, I see how serious and TREATABLE it is. Get onto your neuro!

luv Pollx