Does anyone had uncontrollable laughing? With ms?

Only when watching Billy Connolly.

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lee evens better lol

Yes, uncontrollable laughter can be related to MS. It’s called Pseudobulbar affect.

Follow this link to the MSTrust website page…


I thought so cheers ben

Two lads used to smoke pot on our college bus…they’d larf uncontrollably too…

Oh it’s mr funny man lol

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No, for once no punchline. True story. They were probably one of the reasons I never did it…I can look a dick on my own terms, without pot’s help…

Good man what’s your name mate I’m lee and no I’m not chatting you up lol

You nerf herder… :wink: Have I never said ? How rude !!! It’s Andy. Hey, most popular name in 70’s… :smiley:

Haha I’m lee lol

I’m trying to incorporate nerf herder more into my everyday vocabulary…I tried to have a wookie day at home but the kids aren’t sure… :wink: my youngest would make the cutest Ewok. …

Nerf herder what’s that ?“Do or do not. There is no try.”

It’s what Leia calls Solo - why, you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking Nerf herder ! (Solo replies - Who’s scruffy looking ?) Quotes and/or Wookiepeedia for those who have no idea what we’re on about but are still reading this…

Oh poo forget we’re on my topic haha I’ve only got 4 cats looks an sounds like wookie

can’t control laughing? yea, it happens to me all the time, particularly when I get some sad news. Honestly, it’s been a big problem for me for some time! somebody tells me somebody has died…and I get a giggling fit - and honestly, all I want to say is: I am SO SORRY !!! but even that is impossible.

It’s annoyingthe wife looks at me weird wot can u do

Pseudobulbar Effect - prone to laughing or crying at the slightest thing. I’ve never been one for crying, up until now - i usually get angry and sarcastic rather than scared - but I find myself prone to it these days. And occasionally laughing uncontrollably at things which aren’t really funny. Very embarrassing!

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