Weird mood swings; crying one minute, ****ing myself laughing the next..sound familiar anyone?

Not sure if I’m becoming bipolar or if this just the MS biting, but I spent yesterday morning in tears (just slumped in front of my laptop, kids away thankfully) and the afternoon ****ing myself laughing watching “Toy Story”, for heavens sake! (Kids back, clearly, by then). Something about that dinosaur with the camp voice-over made me rush to bathroom on several occasions. Very weird, although the kids went purple laughing - at me, not the dinosaur sketches.

I’ve been having these sorts of mood swings quite frequently, but they’ve been getting more and more extreme over the past few months. I was dx in March, but probably had PPMS since 2007 (don’t ask, long story!). Have posted here rather than the PPMS board because I gather that this sort of thing is more common with RRMS.

TBH, I’ve always enjoyed robust mental health and am known as someone who’s always been pretty laid-back and enjoys a good laugh etc. No major traumas in my life beyond the usual; just the typical gripes and groans familiar to any 40 something bloke with a young family to support and job to hold down.

Woud love to hear from any of you who’ve experienced something similar. Many thanks in advance of any help or stories. Pigeon.

hi pigeon

i dont describe them as mood swings. i have had periods of uncontrollabe laughter and tears for no rational reason. eg laughing hysterically at a policeman who was walking towards me and crying intensely for no rational reason. this was at its worst in april where i really wanted to die (have never admitted that on here til now) i was in bed for a month and could barely communicate and couldnt eat/swallow. gp got me supplement drinks but was choking on them…the worst thing for me was that i felt so vulnerable and out of control. how did i get though it? truth is 15mins at a time. focussing on ‘now’ and an appreciation that these emotions were outwith my control and that they would pass…

its not gone but has settled. last week there was the hysteria again but hey i have been ‘normal’ (whatever that is!, for the past 15 mins

i am single mum to 4 without the typical gripes and groans cos we are all unique-just like everyone else!

take care, life changes constantly-good and bad-hang in there…

ellie x

I’ve read about this on this site - maybe in a factsheet? Emotional something. Apparently it’s a symptom but quite unusual. Sorry, my memory is not working well enough…! Hope this helps. xx

Emotional lability…( spelling might be wrong) anyway I have it and it gets me into trouble, and it’s embarrassing Lynn

Hi Clucker, I reckon it is like a bereavement. When my first child was born with Downs Syndrome I had spells for several months as I was coming to terms with a wee life that was so different to what I had planned. I too have these spells again now as I am slowly coming to terms with my progressive spastic walk. I dont have MS, probably radiation damage to spinal cord but am finding it hard to come to terms with the way I am and can do damm all about. I hate not being able to control things - I cant even control my own muscles.

You do always seem to sound positive on here - how is your walking ?

Take Care

Moyna xxx

There was a post by the head neuro at the Barts and the London blog