I was wondering how ms affects me getting a tattoo. I have a couple already and had no adverse effects in my mri’s. I also haven’t started my injections yet. Is it ok to get them done when i have ms and should i do it before i start my treatment or is it ok to do it like normal with ms and the injections?

I haven’t got any myself, but as far as I know, tattoos have no bearing on MS whatsoever.

They certainly wouldn’t show up on MRI, because you’re only getting your skin inked, not your central nervous system!

I suppose the only obstacle I can think of would be if you had very limited mobility. Healing might not be so good, if you have restricted movement and restricted blood flow.

But I think you’d have to judge that on its merits. Nothing about MS that automatically means you shouldn’t have a tattoo.


Sometimes MRI’s heat up the metal in some inks that are used. When I was doing some research it was confusing some said yes go ahead bt not after steroid treatment which I have just had some were totally against it reasons being infection and when I go on my treatment I shouldn’t get it done either. I love my tattoos and had planned some more but information out on the web is not helpful.

I can understand the advice following steroid treatment, because your immune system might still be suppressed, so you might be more at risk of infection.

But that’s not a permanent no-no.

I’m sure others here have had tattoos whilst on DMDs - I expect some of them will tell us, in a minute.

The DMDs are immune-system modifiers, NOT immuno-suppressors, so you shouldn’t be at any greater risk of infection.

But if you’re starting any new medicine, might be a good idea to wait to see how you get on, before booking your tattoo! Just in case you end up feeling a bit ropey, you probably don’t want to give your body even more to deal with.


Hi, I’ve got tattoos and have had no problem with them.

Go for it, it’s fun!


I have 9 tattoos, 2 previous to dx, 7 after, was on Avonex for 6 of the 7, no issues, they behaved normally - go for it!

Luisa x

I have a few tats with no problems. I wish sometimes I had waited until a major relapse where I lost complete feeling in the left half of my body - would have been a great time to have a sleeve done in one go :slight_smile:

Anyway, the advice here is good. Avoid MRIs striaght away, no tats when on steroids and most importantly (this is my bit of advice) is don’t have your girlfriends name added to your skin just before she buggers off :wink: (yes, I made that mistake!).


sorry, but “she [filtered word]s” above was “b.u.g.g.e.r.e.d o f f” - bit sensitive that filter.

Go for tats girlie!! I love em!!! Relapses do help, totally painless!!! Goin for another very soon. To be honest the bloody medication we are put on has far worse side affects!!! I live in the MRI scanner!! Never had any probs. Mind depends how old you are, Im past caring!!! Tracey

Hi, I’m also thinking of getting a tattoo, probably on my ankle so I’m not too worried what the MRI is going to do to me when I have my annual scan, but I am on tysabri, does anyone know if this will make a difference?

@ fearnsy, hiya I have tats that are over34 years old and pre ms, these still come up raised especially along the outlines with the sunshine.Tbe honest i just think it’s a slight difference in absorbtion they never hurt and soon go back down with no lasting effects, this alsohappens to friends of mine without ms. @ Steph c, as long as the tat artist you use is in a clean enviroment and only uses new needles and you look after the tat i,e after cleansers etc go for it. :slight_smile:

I had my 3rd Tattoo yesterday, no problems with the others i had and am looking forward to getting the next 2 later in the year, enjoy xxx