Tattoo or no Tattoo?

Hi All,

Does anyone know if a person with MS can still get a Tattoo and have no side effects / problems after it plz?I am thinking of getting a ‘normal’ as in non henna tattoo with possibly bit of colour.asking as sure i saw some threads on here in past advising ppl not to go near getting Tattoos.

Ty in Advance n God Bless

Anna x

I had one done last year with no problems - just a tiny ankle one with my childrens’ names and a shooting star. My leg was numb at the time so I took advantage!!!

If you want it, go for it. I have 2 little tattoo’s and it never got any side effects x

I have 2 tattoos and never found that having them done affects the MS, go for it!

Naomi x

Hi Anna

I’ve got loads of tattoos and never had any ill effects. Go for it (but choose wisely) :wink:


Yup you can have as many as you like! I have had 5 done in the last 15 months and all I can say is be careful, as they are one word, ADDICTIVE!! As JZ says chose wisely as you have them for life. altough I have to say that I have no regrets re the ones I already have.


Go for it - but as said they can become addictive - i’ve being getting “inked” for 24 years now- infact getting one on Friday -inside of right arm (1st on lower arms) I have upper arms done, back, chest…good luck…

oh thnx for all ur advice guys!!!

yes im even more tempted now but does anybody know why ppl on here have advised against certain ones then plz,

Anna X god bless

Go for it. Im covered in them. From top of shoulders, down to my ankles. I find very relaxing. Im currently considering a sleeve on my left arm

Get one done if you want to get on the Jeremy Kyle Show, or if you are a x con, on drugs (probably), Does nobody see what all these people have in common…Tattoo,s, When was the last time you saw a respectful member of your community with them, raise the bar, show some class!

I’m sorry Clifton but that’s a very narrowminded generalisation. I have 2 tattoos and I am not an X con, on drugs (well MS drugs but nothing else), and i’m definitely not Jeremy Kyle fodder (I have perfect teeth!) ,lol. I am a respectful member of society and work closely with the local council and have just passed the first stage to become a council member of MS Cymru!

There are many people nowdays who have tattoos whom you wouldn’t expect to have them.

Please don’t tar a whole group of people with the same brush based on what they do or do not have. Show some class and have some manners!

Ditto MrsM!

I’m a ‘respected’ member of the community, I’m self employed with my own practice and have a rather good law degree AND I have two tattoos which I love.

I’m hoping what you said was merely meant in jest :slight_smile:


Ditto the last two comments! I have one (small, but that’s not the point!) tattoo and I would class myself as a very respectable member of society. I don’t even feel the need to justify how respectable I am, as your comments are so ignorant! I don’t judge a person by how they look, how much they make, etc., but how they treat others. Food for thought after that very negative comment. I would have hoped that people would be more accepting of others on this type of website!

This made me think, I have semi-permanent make-up as well as a couple of tattoos. The semi permanent make up is old now as I had it done before I got married so between 8 and 9 years ago BUT it’s still visible and it’s a godsend with shaky hands! Putting on full make-up just doesn’t happen these days…It’s not as painful as a regular tattoo as they don’t go through as many layers.

I use Bare Essentials mineral powder on my face and seriously, I could probably put that on without a mirror! Apart from that I only need mascara and lippie, which can just be gloss or balm. So actually, I think semi-permanent make-up would be really helpful to MS sufferers that struggle with that kind of stuff

Im so glad someone has asked this as i’ve been wondering this since my diagnosis.

I’ve had calf tattoos booked since Jan to have done in September and was worrying about getting them done due to the most problems I have are with my legs.

Got plenty of other tattoos on me already so hopefully i’ll be ok.

Had a right ankle one done last year to match the left ankle one I had 10 years ago! Diagnosed 6 months before the 2nd tat. My pic on the left is my left one so it seemed fitting to have Wyli.e.coyote on my right. Both done by a professional artist in Middleton (Louis Molloy, the gut who did David Beckenams back crucifix) so choose wisely (the tattoo and location, get it done properly and it looks good!)

Cannot say I am addicted but as the tats only show when wearing running socks and in shorts not a problem at work. (Nursing) People looked shocked when we get on to subject of the various body art people have!

While we are all entitled to our own opinions, I think you have over-stepped the mark and have offended people.

My OH has 2 tattoo’s, one is the ‘staff of life’…he was a paramedic for 28 years, now would you have turned his help away if you needed an ambulance!

I also have one & I love it.

I would rather have a tattoo than be so narrow minded & rude.

Show some good manner’s & reply to the people you have offended.

Well said H. I can’t believe clifton is being serious?

Personally, I don’t like them but would never be as rude as Clifton! I realise that I’m in a minority these days however, I’m more than comfortable with that :slight_smile:


I’ve been following this thread with interest just because I like tattoos.

Last night I had a dream that I went for a haircut and the barber was also doing tattoos. In my dream I got a nice haircut and a beautiful full sleeve tattoo on my right arm (for £87 randomly!). I can even remember the design. I’m seriously considering getting it done for real.

I would just like to add that I have all my own teeth, a responsible job and am not excessivly prone to leisurewear.