Morning everyone, I just wondered if getting a tattoo could/would trigger a relapse. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? Thanks.

Considered getting a second for years. Mainly to replace/hide my current one as best as possible. Still not done it as not a fan of needles and I almost passed out when I had the 1st. Was only 16 too.

Have spoken to my MS nurse while I was on Tysabri and again while on Lemtrada. Both times she said the should be no issues with the medication or MS in general.

Doubt it would cause an actual relapse, but like an injury your bodies immune system has to come out to repair the damage, in this case damage to the skin from the needles, so you may experience a bit of a flare up ?

Or you may not notice any change ?

I’ve had two since I was diagnosed aged 55. One on my lower leg/ankle and one on back of my neck. No issues at all nor was I expecting any.


i got both mine during a relapse as couldnt feel a thing! no issures at all wiht eithrr


Can’t think why It would unless you got a skin infection afterwards or something. So just be extra careful with after care and you’ll be fine. Good luck!

Thanks everyone.

I had 3 more done last year thgey didn’t cause a relapse I just found my skin was more sensitive than on my others

I have a few tattoos but i will never forget my last one, it was on my ankle and my muscle spasms were quite bad having it done. The tattooist was shaking with fear. He managed it though and no ill effects after but I do have PPMS so could be different.

To be honest I’d go for it you only live once :grin:
Best wishes