Tattoo help please

Hi everyone, Had anyone had a tattoo since getting diagnosed? I had a few when I was younger and want one last one but wondering if it will affect my condition at all? Anyone got any experience of this? Thanks Jen xxx

Hiya Jen I love tattoos, I’ve got a good few myself. I had my half sleeve finished off a couple of months ago. I’ve had ms longer than any of my ink & I’ve never experienced any problems. Go get your tattoo - you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Excellent news! Can’t wait now :slight_smile: the last one I had was about a year before diagnosis, and looking back on it I probably had MS then anyway. This is good news though, thank you

Go for it Jen…I had tattoos before MS and have added since with no problems…always remember, the good thing about people with tattoos, they don’t form opinions about people, who don’t have tattoos…

Makes me want to start my next tattoo right away - its almost there (my Dragon), stuck to the fridge door with the pencil and rubber on a string, being tweaked. Once I’m happy with it, then I’m off to see Dean for some more ink!


the best thing about tattoos after diagnosis is i didnt feel a thing! thanks numbness

go for it!


Hi Jen

Since getting diagnosed I’ve had a full left arm sleeve done. It hasn’t affected my condition at all but I must admit a felt very wobbly after a long session. I was ok once I got home and relaxed with a drink. I love my tattoos and I’ve got more planned. Having MS isn’t going to stop me. Go for it!