So my daughter is designing my next tattoo and it will show how I plan on fighting this damn disease and won’t let it beat me. Am I on my own or anyone else gone down the tattoo route?

for some odd reason I am not a big fan of needles :slight_smile:


I have 2 tattoos. One before ms and 2nd done during a relapse cos I couldn’t feel a thing! (Ellie who had glass in her foot and didn’t feel it!)

Both are nothing to do with ms, I don’t need a reminder! The 2nd one I designed myself when I was able and local guy done for me several years later.

Hope you find something u like!

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I have 9 but each one means something. Tributes to my late dad and grandparents, one each for my kids and wife and so on. They are just special to me.

Hiya again

Of course they are special! I think it will be hard to find one that sums up what u think/feel about ms daily as every day variable but there must be something surely and if there is then u will find it!

Great film…