I was wondering how ms affects me getting a tattoo. I have a couple already and had no adverse effects in my mri’s. I also haven’t started my injections yet. Is it ok to get them done when i have ms and should i do it before i start my treatment or is it ok to do it like normal with ms and the injections?

My niece is a tattoist in Pontadawe and is working on two full sleaves for me at the moment,I let her doodle at will.

Now I do not know about having them done while having the injections I would ask your specialist/doctor/neuro.

How ever I have tattooes done in the past and was fine,now I have become so poorley tthey feel they hurt a little now,yet over the years I never felt the needles as in pain and often nodded off in the chair.Now its starting to hurt,but I heal well and no infections so far.

I think you have brought up a good subject…


Yes good point! I have several tattoos and plan on many more :slight_smile:

I don’t have a DX yet so no MS meds.

Hi Steph,

I haven’t got any tats so I can’t really comment.

I guess if anything then maybe it could be more painful either during or after having a tattoo done?

The other consideration is possible infections - which as we all know hit ms’ers harder than most.

Interesting question though.

You may get a better response if you post the same question on the Everday Living forum.

Debbie xx

I have a few tattoos and the only thing my MS Nurse said was to make sure I didn’t inject through the tattoo. Find and use a clear bit of skin.

Take care all.

G :slight_smile:

Hi steph. I am a tattooist and can assure you that you will be fine to have a tattoo, I am covered and have enjoyed being inked for a long time, recently I do find they seem to hurt a bit more than they used to, this could also be because of where my last ones have been. Ie armpits. Just look after your tattoos well, treat them as an open wound and use bepanthen on them 3 to 4 times a day and you will be fine. What is it you were thinking of having? As for not having your injection through a tattoo I have never heard of that and can’t see why it would make any difference, well I hope not because I’m all out of fresh skin unless I injected my face. Lol