hi all.

just wanted to let you know that i am finally booked in for a tattoo on weds 25th june

it was something i felt i wanted to do ever since i was dx a year ago this past week,

i got great feedback when i came on asking if anyone else had felt this way when dx’d.

anyway my nephew is doing it [he is a qualified tattoist]. he is sorting some small design ideas

on the word ‘hope’ which is what i want.

just toying with where to have it.


I got my first and only tattoo a few months after dx. I’d always toyed with the idea, but always talked myself out of it. I just had a shooting star (meaning a wish fulfilled) and my boys’ names as the stars trail. In the end I went for my ankle as I decided that wouldn’t age too badly, plus I can cover it with socks/trousers if I need to!

Good luck with it Kim, is this your first one?

I’m sure you’ll love it…sounds like your in good hands


yes first one and bit anxious. was also thinking of having on my ankle for same reasons as choccyholic

Nice one, Kim. I love the idea of having the word ‘hope’ as your inspiration. Ankle sounds a good place to start! Let me know how you get on. Painkillers first! Jane xx

Hey sounds exciting I’m just thinking about number 11. My advice is that ankle will be pretty painful but try not to worry because it’ll be over soon!

Pain is only temporary a tattoo is forever sounds fun, I am to long in the tooth. Enjoy. Don

I would love to get one - I have a lovely dragon design all picked out

But I’m not allowed


Last time I mentioned a tattoo, my daughter looked at me and questioned me like I’d gone mad. Since when did my daughter become my mother, that’s what I’d like to know :frowning:

Hi, I`m not one for having a tat but I saw one last week, that I had to admire. My access bus driver lady had one on her wrist. It read;

RIP Little Fellaand there were 4 small pawprints alongside it.



Hi Kim

Beware tattoos are sooo addictive!!

I’ve got four, and am planning my next one. Fancy a small one on my wrist, not sure of design yet.

All mine have a lot of meaning and are related to my gorgeous family.

Just changed my picture on here to show my latest tattoo, which I designed myself. Each butterfly has one of my children’s initials on it, and in the centre of the stems of the daffodils mine and my hubby’s initials.

I only tell my hubby after I’ve had them done, as he’s not too keen!

After getting my latest one I asked if he would rub some cream on my back for me, as I couldn’t reach. His reaction was “I didn’t want you to have this!”

To which I replied “Well why do think I didn’t tell you about it beforehand, you can’t rub it off!”

He still loves me!

Freckles xxx

That is beautiful Jen…I love your art work :slight_smile:

Sorry freckles :slight_smile:

I don’t know my freckles from my polar bears…you have similar shoulders lol :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a polar bear with freckles!

Freckles xxx

It’s been a long day Jen lol :slight_smile:

LOL sounds like my house our daughters always point out our fashion faux pas


LOL I love that .X Don

Very funny freckles

You have my full sympathy Don. Something happens at some point when the children take you over and start telling the parents what to do. It’s that subtle, that once you realise…it’s too late!! we are doomed


The good thing about people with tattoo’s - they don’t form opinions about people who don’t have tattoo’s…good luck, I love tattoos - have 8 of my own…although not too keen on faces tattooed…