hi everyone,

i have been thinking of getting a small tattoo. ive wanted one since i got dx last you think thats odd? i would like the word ‘hope’. not sure where,ankle or side of hand maybe.

have any of you felt this way and got a tatto because of your dx?

Can’t say I have ever had the urge to, but I know several members have but would say you go for it. Are you thinking of the word hope or one of the lovely symbols for hope.

I got a tattoo a few months after dx. I think it was more that it was something I’d considered and never gone through with, and the dx made me want to live life! It’s not linked to MS, I just got my boys’ names and a shooting star (to mean ‘a wish fulfilled’) on my ankle. Simple but I love it! I think side of hand can be quite painful. I went for ankle as it can be easily covered up if needed (I used to work for a company which was anti-tattoo and piercings!), plus ankles don’t age much so it will hopefully last nicely! I say go for it! X

I love tattoos and would like a new one, I like the white ones but they look uber ouchy ! Krissy


I’ve got three tattoo’s all pre-dx, am however planning my fourth!

I would definately say go for it, nothing odd in it all! Mine all had meaning beind them. (getting engaged, married and then my three beautiful girls!)

Let us know if you do go for it!

Freckles x

Hi Hopeful. Definitely get it done!!!i have 4 already but since being dx last march hav been thinking a about getting another one, an orange ribbon with hope next to it or under it. We have to have hope!!! Kate xx

Hi Hopeful

I had always wanted a tattoo, but spent too much time procrastinating. Once I got diagnosed, the time for procrastinating was over.

I had always wanted a warrior/ gladiator, so I spent a less than joyful 6 hours having the design etched onto my back. It measures 30cm x 15cm approx, so we’re not talking ‘small’.

Most importantly, I love it, because it sums up everything about me and my life and the battle that lays ahead for me.

Go for it!

Best wishes

Tracyann x

I want one too - a dragon on my shoulder. (Jen has been talking it into me)

JBK xx

I love tattoos and my last one was “dad, never forgotten” he passed away in July last year…they are sore but pain is soon forgotten…i heard a tattooist once say that the hand can go “smudgy” sometimes but whereever, you think best…

All this talk of tats make me wont more, the pain is js fine, it take ya mind way of the other thing that js suck! or is that me being little crazy?? ha ha , i luv mine mine, maybe a little spooky but so is life,they rock!! js do it,

good luck Julien,

You could get an “Ulster Rugby” one…lol


i’m going to have one done soon, my daughter’s buying me one for my 50th birthday in a few weeks. i’ve been considering it since 2012, when i was lucky to survive a brain op to clip a subarachnoid haemorrhage from an aneurysm, weirdly, the whole experience made me feel much more positive about my ms. i’m thinking about something to do with ‘the owl and the pussycat’ as it was something my daughter got me to recite. every night for years, after her book at bedtime, it makes me think of her and how much i love her. i’ll be going to the same tattooist who did her tattoo as he was really good.

wendy x

thanks for all your comments.think this is the year for it.

i am going to talk to my niece and husband who are both tattoo artists.

they have 2 shops local to me so they will have all the ideas too.

thanks everyone


You could get an “Ulster Rugby” one…lol

Noooooooooooooooo too painful!

I got one before my diagnosis in June 2012 as I was struggling to adapt to other health problems, but it still applies. I have “There is too much beauty to quit” in Japanese around my wrist.