Thinking of getting a tattoo in relation to my MS. Possibly a few words which sums up strength and hope ect any ideas?

well im gettin a tattoo next month that says s c r e w you ms with flowers round it


Was thinking of doing the same…will see if anyone comes up with any blinders.

Could go for some Japanese meaning “strength” but a bit dull and predictable?!


dragonfly symbolises hope strength and happiness-or something similar seach josies dragonfly and see. thats the charity i support whenever i can cos it symbolises all the i believe. just an idea…

ellie x

i think a dragonfly sounds fab and they are such beautiful colours - could be made to look really ornate. making me wish i didn’t have enough already to squeeze one somewhere xxx


I got my first tatoo done in camden town london (not one of my best ideas at 16). Wish i got one done when my legs were numb!

復發緩解型多發性硬化 -means relapse remitting multiple sclerosis in mandarin

擰多發性硬化症 -means screw you multiple sclerosis.


I think something like… I have MS but MS doesn’t have me! The dragonfly idea is a nice touch to have with it, could have bright colours with the orange in it to represent MS

think ill change mine to a devil face with screw you ms over n under it

My partner is actually thinking of getting the MS orange ribbon with ‘Keep Smyelin’ on it x

miss pan burner, i tink you’re feeling rebellious! :slight_smile: xxx

feeling rebellious? i am rebellious hahaha

Road Runner on one ankle, Wyle E. Coyote on the other, always trying to catch up! Sums up my life