tattoo question

Not really ms but maybe a symptom as I am a limbo person. Got a tattoo done today ( not my first) and within 5-15mins my vision blurred and stayed blurred all the time it was done. I don’t get anxious about tattoos as they actually don’t hurt me getting them done can barely feel it and find getting my blood taken, eyebrows done etc worse. Never had this happen before and just wondered if anyone else experienced it? Thanks Axx

Hi A

Did you get hot? Heat really plays my Optic Neuritis up.

Hope you are feeling better today?

Shazzie xx

Yes possibly was a bit warm actually as I was all snuggled up in a fleece as it was done as I’m full of man flu Axx

I have a few and ive always been fine, maybe just a combination of to hot & man flu. What did you get?. im toyimg with getting another but no pennies at the mo.

BC x

A Gallifreyan symbol. I am a Dr Who geek lol. Thanks for the reply think it was a combination of the two probably as felt ok apart from blurry eyes. What might you get? Axx


I bet it was the cold, temp and maybe adrenaline rush. I felt “pumped” after a tatt. That always makes me a bit hazey.


“Here come the drums, here come the drums”

Lol here come the drums! !

oh cool, im a bit of a 50’s geek so im thinking of going for a couple of swallows om my collarbones, but ive had them done on my foot and i know how much its gonna hurt on such a sensitive place, wine gums to bite on will be needed I think