Taopatch - Anyone tried?

Hi there…

Are you still using Taopatch? If so any good?
Just ordered some.

Regards Nicola

Yes, you can read about my journey on my blog

I found this thread really interesting. And then started looking up what I could on the internet. I found myself swinging from “this sounds interesting” to “scam”!

However I found a video which had one of the founders of the Taopatch company talking with 2 other biohack companies founders on a zoom biohackers meeting. Towards the end of the video I began to feel I understood where they were coming from, and felt they were genuine. Just my own personal impression. Small companies who can’t afford to do large double blind random controlled trials like the pharmaceutical companies can do. Hence why Taopatch say money back guarantee - but they do like the buyer to do some basic monitoring - video before, video when using, so there is some simple evaluation of the product before returning it. Also the recognition that each person is individual, and that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

But I do like and sort of understand where the use of waves (light / sound etc) can work at a cellular level in the body. There was also an interesting comment on the video from one of the other contributors. He finds that MS is very complex condition, his trickiest patients. He trained and worked as a doctor in conventional medicine. One of his patients, a woman in her 20s with MS and a brain full of lesions, he discovered she had many food allergies and when those foods were eliminated, gradually the lesions healed.

Here’s the video link.

So I’m open-minded to this. Would like to hear from others who have used it.

There is an issue on price - as it comes from Italy, due to Brexit it now has import duty on top of the cost and postage. Bumping it up a further £50+.

You are obviously considering Taopatch seriously and your concerns would be answered if you spoke with someone, but for the sake of full transparency I will answer here:

I am the Taopatch Ambassador to the Neuro Challenged community.

There are no charges extra Re customs etc. If there are we refund the mistake.

There are 26 trials detailed on the websites. The idea of a blind trial is not relevant because Taopatch is neither a cure nor a treatment. It is a BED-a Body Enhancement Device. Like a watch or a walking stick. You do not need them but they do help.

The videos are never for Taopatch. The return up to 99 days has no small print. It is because anyone with MS cannot evaluate their own structure fully. We suggest you take video to be able to actually see how Taopatch is helping.

Be well🤔

I’ve been using them for a while with immediate benefit.
To test, I’d left them off for 16hrs, BAD effect.
Price: Amazon are selling for £249, BUT they ‘last’ for 2.5 yrs, so = pennies per day.
HIGHLY recommended.
Good luck with them.
Love, Abbey xx

Warning: an Amazon purchase does not have the 90 day refund guarantee. Better to use and have the 90 day refund.

Be well🤔

Hello, thank you so much for your very interesting £ reply.
In my 30yrs (from diagnosis) I’ve tried many ‘remedies’, and Taopatch has proved to be the BEST yet.
They work for me(!), and I’m hoping the same will apply for EVERY MSer that ‘gives them a go…’ esp. with your money back guarantee information!
Be well, Abbey xx

I’ve looked at this and although it does sound a bit too good to be true it still intrigues me.
So my question is, what’s the difference between the starter pack which apparently lasts 2.5 years but is half the price of the Pro version which again lasts 2.5 years, and then there’s the Platinum which lasts 2.5 years, so why the big price difference ?

If they all last the same length of time, would the Starter Pack take me from a crawl to a walk, the Pro Pack from a walk to a run, and ultimately the Premium Pack from a run to the next Olympic Triathlon Champion.
Just curious ?

Oh, and my Neuro is still smirking when I asked him about these.
So if anyone can enlighten me then that would be great.

I agree with the placebo effect, in fact it is proven, its the only way to run approved trials.
I’ve done a number of medical trials via my MS clinic where placebos have been used and the positive results of patients with MS who were taking the placebo drugs during the trial were fairly high, with MS symptoms becoming less prominent, yet after the trial and finding out they had been on placebos their symptoms “returned”.
The body can sometimes be easily fooled.

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Personally, I would go for the premium placebo patches. :upside_down_face:

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