Taopatch - Anyone tried?

Hi. Was wondering if anyone has tried these patches? Manufacturers make a lot of positive claims about it and how it helps symptoms of MS. I’m considering it but it is expensive so before I take the plunge want to check opinions if anyone who has used them. Thanks


Never heard of them, only £260 which is cheap if it improves MS symptoms.

Sounds too good to be true, cannot find any written reviews on the Internet.

Written in my diary a few months ago, not to waste my money on more rubbish.

If you find people who have used them successfully will buy but my purse is now shut.

Will keep watching, do not take the plunge


Wonder if there a manufacturers gimmicky spin? Heard of cabbage patch!

Sorry… too much Vit D yesterday.

No such thing as too much vitamin D :wink:

I’m looking for anyone who’s tried ‘Taopatch’… an electronic device for MS that supposedly re-programs the body’s electrical system to send & receive messages as it had pre-MS! It sounds AWESOME! (If it works?)

Hi, my husband stumbled upon this post and told me about the comments. I am on week 6 with Taopatches and they have wowed me - I’ve had Lemtrada and I do the MS Gym 6 times a week but these have had the biggest impact on my body so far. Yes they are expensive but they last 2 years so it’s well worth it. I joined a Light therapy group on Facebook and i am so glad I made the decision to buy the patches. They are not a cure, and you need to be in-tune with your body to feel the benefits but I am sleeping better, my posture is better, my balance is better and both my osteopath and personal trainer who see me regularly cannot believe the changes in me - I use my upper body less, my spasiticity has reduced. Honestly I am loving them. I purchased more and now have 12 - I got myself an acupressure book so I can find different places to try them to help with different things. Best money I’ve spent xx

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I’ve got them and I love them. Definitely helping and seeing improvements :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I am so pleased to read these reviews on Taopatch as I have ordered these myself and I have received them this morning so far I have only watched the instruction video of how and where to apply them.

I will let you all know how I feel during the next few days and weeks, hopefully I will see improvements in my balance and fatigue.

good luck to everyone else who is trying them.

Smokey (Ann)


Good luck - have you joined the Light Therapy group on Facebook? It’s definitely worth joining x

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If they’re that good why have they not been spoken of before? Or proven, positive results? Nah !!

Because they developed them about 10 years ago in Italy and were designed for improving sports performance and I guess somewhere along the way someone tried them who has MS and they realised there were positive results. They’ve only really started promoting to the MS market hence why not much talk about them but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

There are clinical studies going on right now for Light Therapy which is essentially what it is and acupuncture is a well known ancient method for improving all kinds of things. So, it actually makes sense. There are lots of people who have been using them in here so why not join the group
It’s sad that people aren’t willing to try new things and believe everything is a scam, yes there are plenty of things out there that don’t do what they say and not everything is going to work for everyone but there is evidence for these and just because you haven’t come across them yet doesn’t mean it can’t be the best thing to come out for MS - because in my opinion I’ve seen more from this than anything else I’ve tried.

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New tothis. Anyone have internal vibrations and muscle twitches?

Fairly common of MS I would say !

I certainly get both.

Great results. 15 min and balance returned 100%.

The only way to know is to test them on yourself. Why not, refunds if not happy you are benefiting from them <30 days.

What exactly are these Taopatch and what are they made of, please? For e.g Are they Herbal or Medicine? thnx Anna x

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LOL yeah course you have!!!

How are you getting on? X

Yeah, well I was suspect also, but I had the strength of character to try it. I have videos of before, after 15 mins and after 1 hour and 1 week.

Actual evidence it assisted me dramatically by totally giving me back my balance.

It is not a cure nor a treatment for MS, but it sure helps you deal with your symptoms.

And if it does not work to relieve your symptoms within 30 days you can get a refund.


First time in 38 years something actually helps how I feel!

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They are neither. They are not a cure nor a treatment for MS, they are a BED. A Body Enhancement Device. Just like a stick helps you feel better by supporting your walking, and hopefully falling less, the TaoPatch is merely a device which helps your nervous system communicate.